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Staff – Frustrating or Helping?

Team PerformanceSmall business owners all have a similar perspective about staff and employing them.

Are they worth the effort?

All the expenses and overheads created by staff make it critical for you as a business owner to ensure they are performing. If they aren’t – they are not only costing you money, they are losing you money.

It is important that you have standards for your team’s performance and monitor these standards. If they are not up to scratch, then you must let them know where they need improving.

This can be done in a number of ways. For example, you probably want to give them a regular performance review – annually or six monthly. This can simply be a way of giving feedback to your team but also allowing them to give feedback to you.

Remember – it is a 2 way street. You want to retain the best staff – staff that are happy, want to achieve and want to perform well. If you act like a Dictator, then it is a one way street and soon enough they will be gone.

Guidelines for your staff are important to help them perform their tasks daily. Your team will perform much better if they have guidelines on how to deliver their work efficiently and accurately.

If you have never told them what the expectations are, or don’t have a written record where they can go to when they need to know something, you will always continue to battle with their performance and efficiency.

Take the time today to implement guidelines in your business so your team know exactly what is expected of them and then they can get on with the job of ensuring your business is profitable.

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Dress Code Procedure – Dress Code in Your Business

What type of small or medium business are you running? If you and your staff are meeting with customers or clients how are you dressed?

Everyone knows that first impressions make a huge difference.

If you go to an interview for a job – how do you present yourself?

Shirt hanging out?

Hair untidy?

I doubt it.

You the business owner – take a look in the mirror. How do you dress? Your staff are looking at you as a role model even if you don’t want them to.

That means the way you dress is important. You are setting the standards in your business without even thinking about it.

Outperform Your Competition

If you are a small or medium business and want your business to OUTPERFORM in the market place one of the first things you must do is set a DRESS CODE.

Obviously your dress code is going to depend on your type of business, however regardless of what you do, your dress code needs to ‘smash it’ if you want to outperform your competitors.

Type of Business

Is your business an outdoorsy type?
Do you work outside the office? In the field? If so, look closely at your workers and dress code.

It needs to be neat and tidy. Custom made attire with business logo.

Yep – a UNIFORM.

Just like the old school days. It isn’t hard to do, and will cost you a bit, however it is going to up the standard of the presentation of your business and this is what you are trying to achieve.

Are you in an office?
If so, a UNIFORM is applicable here to. Business attire can be customized to suit. Make it look smart and then charge your clients more.

After all, this is why you are in business – to make a profit.

Set the standards in your business and include the dress code in your procedure manual. It could look something like this.

Dress Code Procedure (Example)

As an employee of [Company Name], we expect you to present a clean appearance when you represent us, whether that is in, or outside of the business.

Management and those employees who come in contact with our Clients are expected to dress in accepted corporate tradition.

It is just as essential that you act in a professional manner and extend the highest courtesy to co-workers, visitors, customers, vendors and clients. A cheerful and positive attitude is essential to our commitment to extraordinary customer service and impeccable quality.

Set your standards in your business and lead the way.

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What is a Case Study and How do you Write a Great One?

Case Study ProblemA case study is typically a document that presents a problem and provides solutions. It can be hypothetical (made up) or real world.

This type of document is used to present the problem and then go about analyzing the problem and providing real world solutions to the problem. It can be used in many different scenarios.

A case study is an account of an activity, event or problem that contains a real or hypothetical situation and includes the complexities you would encounter in the workplace.

Case studies are used to help you see how the complexities of real life influence decisions.

The purpose of a case study is to find out information – information that provides answers from the evidence that is available to you. If you need to write a case study, you should use a case study template to make your job easier.

There is nothing like reinventing the wheel. Chances are someone has already done what you are about to do.

What will a Case Study do to you?

Case Study BrainIt is likely to make your brain hurt!

However – as they say, no pain no gain. So get ready to activate that brain in your head and make use of it. A case study will make you think. It will force you to investigate the information you have to analyze solutions and results.

What does a good Case Study have in it?

Good Case StudyIf you want to make a good case study – then consider these excellent points that you should include in your case study to make it better than the ordinary ‘Joe Blow’ Case study.

Real Life
It is a real life snapshot. In other words, it is real world – taken from the real world and not made up.

Think Deeper
It makes the reader think more deeply about the situation and has many parts to it. You are going to challenge the reader. You have already put significant thought into what you are presenting and the situation and you then need to communicate this in your case study.

It is Detailed
It provides detailed information and is not simply a brief summary of the event or situation being investigated.

Fake Case StudyIt is Believable
The reader can see that it is believable and not made up. It has real context in a real world situation or workplace.


Conclusion in Your Case Study

Conclusion Case StudyThe purpose of a Case Study is to draw conclusions. To present information in a way that gives the reader facts and realistic analysis of the event, situation or whatever it is you are analyzing.

This means that you have come to a point where you have been able to analyze all of the information and provide a real and accurate response. You will have practiced applying your knowledge to a real situation that is believable.

So get to it – get started on writing your case study. Utilize a Case Study Template if you need to. Just make sure you analyze the situation well. Don’t hold back on the detail and get stuck into any information you can get your hands on to support and strengthen your analysis.

This will ensure your case study hold weight and is convincing.

Got something to say? Do you have any comments regarding a Case Study or your experience in writing a good case study? Do not hesitate to leave them below. We love comments.

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5 Massive Benefits of A Procedure Manual for your Business

If you operate a small or medium business and don’t have a Policy and Procedure Manual - the big question is WHY NOT?

Here are 7 huge benefits of having a policy and procedure manual in your business.

Procedure Manual Benefits



Know what to do…

The first benefit you will see immediately is that your team will actually know what to do.

WOW ! That is ground breaking! (Sarcasm Intended)

The funny thing is – so many small business have staff that have no idea what they should be doing. OK, they might know 50% or 60% of the job, but the other 40% is a mystery.

This is because no-one has ever told them. Amazing HUH?

  • Do your staff know everything they need to know when it comes to their role?
  • Have you ever told them everything they need to know?

If not – it is time for a POLICY and PROCEDURE MANUAL in your business.

Procedure Manual Benefits



Save Time…

You the business owner will be able to save time. How?

You won’t need to repeat yourself over and over again. Every time a new employee starts in your business – what happens?

Chances are someone – either you or your Human Resources Manager (If you have one) has to show this new employee the ropes.

How much time does that waste?

OK – you don’t need to leave them in the corner by themselves, but if you have a Policy and Procedure Manual – you can point them in the right direction and request that they refer to it for as much of the tasks as possible.

Procedure Manual Benefits



One Place For Everything…

You will have policies and procedures in place that are the ‘rules’ of your business.

  • Don’t like rules?
  • Think that rules are to be broken?
  • If you do – what sort of business are you running?

If you don’t want to call them rules – call them something else.

How about guidelines?  Your team need guidelines. They need to know what is right and what is wrong. What to do and what not to do. Where to find things. How to put things back and how to leave things for others to use. The list goes on and on…….

Otherwise what will they do? Whatever they wish!

Imagine the chaos you will have then.

A Policy and Procedure Manual gives you the opportunity to put every rule, guideline, procedure, policy, written advice and step by step instruction in one place.

It does not need to be complicated. You run a small or medium business – you aren’t sending rockets to the moon.

So chances are it only needs to be clear, simple BUT effective.

Procedure Manual Benefits




A Policy and Procedure Manual will help you ‘flush out’ your business processes and make your business more efficient.

This is a HUGE ONE !

  • Imagine what your business can do if it is more efficient?
  • Will it make more money?
  • Will it achieve it’s goals faster?

Efficiency is everything in a competitive business environment. OK, if you work in the government – chances are it isn’t as important. In the private market efficiency is about survival.

Be efficient or struggle.

Procedure Manual Benefits


More Profit…

Last but not least, your business will become more profitable.

  • Your team will be more efficient
  • You will be more efficient
  • Mistakes will be eliminated
  • Less mistakes means happier customers and repeat business
  • More time to deliver better quality…

The list goes on and on about how this one document will improve your business profit. If you don’t thank a Policy and Procedure Manual is that important in your business – think again.

You are leaving money on the table. Big chunks of it. Money that your competitors are taking off the table!

Improve your business today and get hold of a Policy and Procedure Manual and watch the dramatic turn around it makes to your business.

If you have any comments – please leave below. Get the discussion going about how you have improved your small business.

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The Importance of Performance Reviews and the Employee Review Template

If you have often wondered about the secret of an efficient and profitable company, the answer lies on how the employees work towards reaching a common goal.

Each individual is an important backbone of a company’s stability and you the business owner need to ensure that your employees are on top of their game.

This can easily be achieved by undertaking employee reviews on a regular basis. This will give you the understanding of what your people require to motivate them to do well.

An employee review is a surefire way of opening the communication lines between you and the rest of the people working with you. If anything – it is simply that – a communication tool.

All effective managers should make sure that all parties are aware of each of their own roles so that the business will run like a well-oiled machine. This can also be completed with performance reviews. Though it is only natural for your employees to have their own weaknesses and imperfections the opportunity to communicate sends out a message that you are willing to help them improve and do their best at work.

A lot of managers and employers are afraid of performance reviews because they don’t want to make their employees feel bad. Some workers may not be looking forward to this kind of process. Both parties should realize it is not a one way street – but an opportunity for both parties to communicate and identify areas that are performing well or areas that need work.

Any smart business owner will communicate through employee reviews and not only that – consistently communicate to their team on a regular daily basis. Satisfied employees will dramatically grow your business.

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