Safe Work Method Statement Template

A Safe Work Method Statement is a document that outlines the safety requirements of a particular task or action. It is an important aspect of any business when it comes to protecting people’s safety.

What important points should be considered when creating and using a Safe Work Method Statement?

Firstly they need to be written clearly and specifically. There is no point having a document that is confusing and hard to read. Don’t forget a lot of people that are reading a Safe Work Method Statement may have been educated to school level only or even less. Therefore, the document needs to take into consideration the educational background of its users.

Secondly it needs to take into consideration the most important aspects – that is the danger or potential risk. This needs to be identified clearly and the hazards need to be pointed out to the user.

Thirdly it needs to be accessible. That means it needs to be put in a place where it is actually going to get used. Is there any point in creating a document that is filed away in a drawer where no one will ever see it? Therefore, Safe Work Method Statements should be included in other safety documentation and provided to any person who is required to use them.

Lastly, they should be updated. Once these types of documents get out of date, they become worthless pretty quickly. Maintaining the documents is an important aspect of protecting the workforce and dedicated times to update the documents should be set aside so that the workforce is educated continually.

Creating a Safe Work Method Statement can take a significant amount of time. It is much easier to use a template instead of creating one from scratch. Using a template will not only save time it will highlight items within the document that you may not have thought of from the beginning. Save significant time and get a better result from using a template.

A Safe Work Method Statement is just one part of a Safety Plan which is a critical document for any workplace. Whether you are constructing a building or looking after young children, it is important that safety is considered at all times and your documentation is in place.

Consider what your options are when it comes to drafting your own documents from scratch or whether it might be easier to invest in templates.

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Safe Work Method Statement Template

A Safe Work Method Statement is Mandatory to Document Your Onsite Activities

Dear Contractor,

A Safe Work Method Statement is a document you cannot afford to go without.

You are unlikely be allowed to perform work on a building site without first submitting your Safe Work Method Statement for all the tasks you are required to complete on site.

This means putting together a list of all of the tasks you expect to be completing and the people responsible from your company who will be completing those tasks.

It is also important that you:

  • identify all tasks to each person from your company
  • ensure they understand each task
  • ensure they understand the risks associated with each task or activity being performed on site
  • ensure they have signed off that they understand each tasks and risk.

Use this template to create your Safe Work Method Statement.

 tickSafety is Critical for Your Team

Keeping your team safe on site is critical to each member of your team and their families.

Safety is also critical to the reputation of your business and the performance of your business.

  • No one wants an accident to occur.
  • No one wants anyone to be hurt on site.
  • No one needs the pain and suffering that comes with any accident.
  • Prevention is the best way to avoid any accident.

Ensure your team is EDUCATED AND RISK ADVERSE.

Save a ton of time and effort by downloading this template.


 tickEnsure Your Procedures are In Place

Ensure your business procedures are in place and are being used by your team. This means creating templates for your team to use and submitting these templates to your Principal Contractor.


 tickTake a Look at the Contents

This is a detailed Training Plan Template. This template can be completed quickly and easily and will save you significant time.

Check out the some of the pages below. It is suitable for a small or medium scale business.

Safe Work Method Statement Template

Safe Work Method Statement Template

Safe Work Method Statement Template

Safe Work Method Statement Template

Safe Work Method Statement Template

Safe Work Method Statement Template

Safe Work Method Statement Template

Safe Work Method Statement Template

PLEASE NOTE: This is a 6 Page Safe Work Statement Template

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