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You Can Continue to Lose Customers, Slog It Out In Brutal Competitive Markets, Dicker with Customers Over Price, Quality and Delivery, Lose Orders to Competitors and Fall Further Behind.
But You Don’t Have To Do That Anymore.
Here’s Why…

Dear Business Owner,

I don’t need to tell you as no doubt you already know – running a business is tough.


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You have so much to consider and one of the most important aspects of owning a business is making sure you have enough work not only to pay your staff salaries, but to also make a profit.

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is GETTING REPEAT Customers. You MUST submit quality Expressions of Interest to potential customers, win them over and then DELIVER to a high standard.

The only way to do this is to make sure your team know what they are doing and the best way to do this is with a Policy and Procedure Manual.

tick Winning Over Customers

Step 1 is to win over customers. Step 2 to is to keep them.

Sending out Expressions of Interest without thinking carefully about what you are doing is simply wasting time and effort.

First Impressions Count.  If you want your business to succeed, you need to make the right impression from the very start each and every time.

How do you do this?

Through a Carefully Written Expression of Interest

tick You Only Have a Few Seconds…..

Have you ever received a letter in the mail only to glance at it – read the top line or sentence and then throw it in the trash?

I know I have – many times.

On the other hand….

Have you ever received a letter or flyer in the mail and read it – and then phoned the company to query about their service or product?

I know I have done this as well.

But – why did you make that decision to make the query?
What was the difference?

There are a couple of interesting things happening in this situation.

The 2 differences were:

1. Timing:
You actually were looking for that product or service and the timing was perfect.

2. Caught your Eye:
You were attracted by the words or pictures on the flyer or letter and were ‘drawn in’ to read and learn more.

These 2 things are important because they have turned ‘cold leads’ into ‘warm leads’.

You need to do the same thing with your business to win more work.

You can achieve this by sending out Expressions of Interest to potential Clients and Customers.

However, there are several very important things you must do when producing an Expression of Interest. These things are the difference to it being a success or a failure.

You don’t want your efforts to go wasted – and spamming people with useless junk is a waste of your time, energy and resources.

The following principles are critical and if you are serious about your business and winning more work, then you must read on.

tickPrinciple Number 1 – Think About Your Reader First

Your reader has their own concerns and desires. You need to address these in detail if you want them to take action.

This comes down to – WHAT YOU SAY.

This is very important, so you must think carefully when you draft your Expression of Interest so you ‘trigger’ them to take the desired action you want them to take.

This is easier than it sounds.

Simply put yourself in their shoes and think about what they would want to read. Most people are concerned about their own situation and are looking for results. Feed that desire.

Ever heard of ‘W.I.F.M’?
This stands for – What’s In It For Me?

This is what your customer is thinking. You MUST write so it is clear the customer’s needs come first, not your desire to sell something.

tickPrinciple Number 2 – Be Clear and To The Point

Waffling on is going to get you no-where. You must be very clear and state the facts. Use simple language that is straight to the point.

Most people are busy and it is important that you realize that you have limited time to make an impact in their daily life.

In fact, the first lines of your letter are critical if you want your reader to keep reading right through to the end.

tickPrinciple Number 3 – Accuracy is Critical

Your spelling and grammar must be 100%.

Have you checked your document or letter? If I was reviewing a document and it had spelling mistakes in it – I would instantly reject it.

Spelling is VERY important and there is no excuse for making spelling mistakes due to the amount of technology you have when it comes to checking your spelling. Your document needs to be professional and correct spelling is the first step in ensuring it is professional.

tickPrinciple Number 4 – Your Target Audience

Do you know who they are? Have you thought about their age? Are they educated? What salary bracket are they in?

These things all make a difference about how you draft your letter or expression of interest.

It doesn’t matter if you are applying for a job as an employee or writing a tender for a multimillion dollar project. You must consider your audience or fail miserably.

tickPrinciple Number 5 – Follow Up

Following up your expression of interest is professional and a critical component of success.

If you don’t follow up your letter – then you are missing the opportunity to make further contact. It is important that you follow up after you have sent your Expression of Interest.

You should follow up within 2 or 3 days – to make yourself known and communicate to the person direct. This is not only professional but shows that you have the confidence and ability to be enthusiastic and proactive.

If the person does not respond well, or they have no need for your services or it simply isn’t a good time for them to purchase your products – then this does not matter.

Don’t not follow up because you are scared or intimidated by making that phone call. The follow up phone call is critical.

You need to find out if your contact is;

  • not interested whatsoever;
  • possibly interested;
  • very interested.

You will never know if you don’t follow up.

tickCheck Out The Detail

Check out the detail of this expression of interest template.

The following is the “Title Page.”

Expression of Interest - Business

Expression of Interest – Business

The following is the “Table of Contents.”

Expression of Interest - Business

Expression of Interest – Business

There are 7 sections. Each section has several examples of text that can be used for a variety of business types. You can choose the most appropriate example for your business.

The following is the “Our Business Introduction.” This section is an introduction to your business.

Please Note:
There are several examples to choose from for your business.

The second page continues on with introducing your business.

Please Note:
There are 7 examples to choose from.

Text to be revised is in red.

Expression of Interest - Business

Expression of Interest – Business

The following is the “Resume Section.”

Resumes are critical to your success. Do not leave these out.

This shows to your potential Client that you have the experience to get the job done. Any good quality Client will check the detail and ensure you have the right experience.

The following page shows the resume section. It is preferable that you include photos of individual team members. This allows your Clients to relate a face to a name and helps identify your business as real people.

The following is the “Testimonials Section.”

Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials – Click to Enlarge

Testimonials are important to show that your business has existing Clients and already performs satisfactorily. These testimonials are examples that you can send to your existing Clients and Customers for their review.

If you have some customers or Clients who you know are happy with your work, send them some pre-made testimonials that they can review and then put their name to. This document has 10 examples you can make use of.

Testimonials are a great way to encourage new clients or customers to commit to purchasing from you. They form an excellent picture to potential clients or customers that others have already had a good transaction experience with you and your business.

Please Note: This is a 14 Page Expression of Interest with detail that is generic to any business. It also includes an automated table of contents ready for instant use.

The above pages show a portion of the Expression of Interest document.

tickOnce You Have Won Over Customers – Deliver to a High Standard to Keep Them

The only way to make sure you are not losing customers is to deliver to a high standard and the best tool to reduce the risk of poor performance is a Policy and Procedure Manual. This set of documents is critical for your team so they know exactly what is required.

Maybe you know what is required – and you may think they know. But chances are they only know 60% or 80% of what you know as the business owner.

What is the point in that?

A Policy and Procedure Manual is a document that your team refers to so that they know exactly what is required to maintain Customer expectations and ensure every possible chance customers return for more.

Your Business Cannot Survive in such a competitive environment without a Policy and Procedure Manual

tickBuy the Expression of Interest Template Today and get another 21 Documents Absolutely FREE

When you buy this expression of interest template we will include another 21 templates 100% free. These templates are all related to Procedure Manuals and running your business.

You can easily add these to your system to dramatically improve your business systems. From contracts for staff employment to Safety Plans, these templates will allow you to set up your complete Quality Manual quickly and easily.

Click the images below to find out more about what is included free.

Procedure Manual Template Included Documents

Procedure Manual Template Included Documents

Procedure Manual Template Features

Procedure Manual Template Features

List of free documents.

  • Procedure Manual Template.doc
  • Employment Contractual Agreement Template.doc
  • Incident Report Form.doc
  • Incident Report Template.doc
  • Performance Review Template.doc
  • Policy – Anti Bullying.doc
  • Policy – Code of Conduct.doc
  • Policy – Drugs and Alcohol.doc
  • Policy – Environmental.doc
  • Policy – Equal Employment Opportunity.doc
  • Policy – Health and Safety.doc
  • Policy – Incident Management.doc
  • Position Description – Administration.doc
  • Position Description – Human Resource Manager.doc
  • Position Description – Office Junior.doc
  • Position Description – Project Manager.doc
  • Position Description – Receptionist.doc
  • Position Description – Sales Manager.doc
  • Position Description – Sales Person.doc
  • Safety Plan Template.doc
  • Cost Benefit Analysis Template.doc

All templates are in Microsoft Word and can easily be updated to suit your business.

tickCritical Procedure Manual Documents For Your Business Success

A Procedure Manual is just the beginning.

Yes, a Procedure Manual is a very important document that will certainly make a difference to how your team and business performs. However, to ensure your business is on the right track you should implement these documents. This will allow you to manage your business from a ‘Systems’ perspective instead of trying to do everything yourself.

Remember – you MUST create systems that run your team – not the other way around. Systems should run your business, NOT your staff. The following system documents are critical to develop a great system based business.

tickRead More about these Free Templates

Check out the detailed templates for each of these documents below. If you are a small or medium size business owner, then these template are for you.

They can easily be customized to suit your business. Take a Look at What is Included in these FREE documents.


These are commonly required policies that apply to any business.

They include the following 6 policies;

  1. Anti-Bullying Policy
  2. Anti-Discrimination Policy
  3. Health and Safety Policy
  4. Environmental Policy
  5. Drugs and Alcohol Policy
  6. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Check out the Anti-Bullying Policy as an example. All other policies are just as detailed.

Procedure Manual Template - Anti Bullying Policy

Procedure Manual Template – Anti Bullying Policy

Team Roles – Position Descriptions

Next are Team Roles or commonly known as Position Descriptions. This is one on the most important things when it comes to getting a good performance from your team.

There are so many employees that have never been told what their role is. How can they perform in their role if they are not told what it is?

It is CRITICAL that your team know exactly what they need to do to perform their job. How can you blame them if they make honest mistakes when you haven’t even told them properly how to do their job?

Yes – it take significant effort to tell them what they need to do in detail, and every time a new team member starts, you have to tell them again.

The best thing to do is implement Position Descriptions. This identifies exactly what they are required to do in DETAIL and this is invaluable to you as a business owner.

The 7 Positions Descriptions included in this package are:

  1. Position Description – Administrator/Administration Personnel
  2. Position Description – Human Resource Manager
  3. Position Description – Office Junior
  4. Position Description – Project Manager
  5. Position Description – Receptionist
  6. Position Description – Sales Manager
  7. Position Description – Sales Person.

The following page is an example of a Position Description for a Sales Person.

Procedure Manual Template - Position Description Example

Procedure Manual Template – Position Description Example

Performance Reviews

Once again – communication with your team members is CRITICAL to your business success. This means reviewing their performance on a regular basis and recording it so that you and they have an accurate record of where they stand in the big picture.

You need Performance Reviews to ensure they are being reviewed accurately and fairly. Don’t really think it is that important? Think again – Your team IS your business.

Look after them and they will look after you.

Performance Review Template is included in this package.

The following page is the title page.

Performance Review Cover Sheet

Performance Review Cover Sheet

Employment Contractual Agreement Template

This template is ideal for employing staff. If you currently do not have a contract to employ your team members then you really should be careful. You need some type of agreement to employ staff and communicate the rules to both parties.

Safety Plan Template

Safety is important in any business and if your team work on sites then you must implement a Safety Plan to cover all safety issues.

Cost Benefit Analysis Template

Keeping a handle on costs is important if you are proposing a project or task. This template allows you to analyze the cost benefits of your project or task.

Remember: When you buy the Procedure Manual Template TODAY you receive absolutely FREE these templates.

21 ADDITIONAL templates to make up your Procedure Manual.

OVER 200 pages of Templates.

(22 individual files).

tickMore Comments from Satisfied Buyers….

Testimonial 1

Hi David,

Thank you for your procedure manual package. I needed to get something together as quickly as I could because our staff where not following the rules.

Your package gave me more than the basics and allowed me to get together a professional procedure manual so that everyone knows exactly what to do.

The templates of roles for each team member is excellent! No guessing anymore!

Thank you again.

Joanna Gracemere
Brisbane, Australia

Testimonial 2


There are a lot of system procedure manuals online that are prohibitively expensive. Thank goodness I found your site as it allowed me to action a procedure manual in our business easily without the yearly membership fees – which quite frankly do not seem like they are worth it.

What a good deal!


tickResults are Guaranteed 100% or Your Money Back

Please Note: We offer a full 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this Procedure and Policy Manual. Paypal is a secure and trusted method of payment.

You can purchase through Paypal and be confident that you are dealing with a trusted supplier – or your Money Back – Paypal Guarantee it. You will be able to download the Procedure Manual in Word format immediately after paying.

60-day-money-back-guaranteeShould you have any concerns regarding this purchase – please contact us using the Help and Support Tab above. If you have any questions regarding this Procedure Manual, do not hesitate to email us.

PLEASE NOTE: We have sold this template to many satisfied buyers. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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Employment Contractual Agreement Template – $17.95
Incident Report Form – $ 7.00
Incident Report Template – $ 7.00
Performance Review Template – $17.95
Policy – Anti Bullying – $ 12.95
Policy – Code of Conduct – $ 12.95
Policy – Drugs and Alcohol – $ 12.95
Policy – Environmental – $ 12.95
Policy – Equal Employment Opportunity – $ 12.95
Policy – Health and Safety – $ 12.95
Policy – Incident Management – $ 12.95
Position Description – Administration – $ 7.00
Position Description – Human Resource Manager – $ 7.00
Position Description – Office Junior – $ 7.00
Position Description – Project Manager – $ 7.00
Position Description – Receptionist – $ 7.00
Position Description – Sales Manager – $ 7.00
Position Description – Sales Person – $ 7.00
Expression of Interest Template – Sales Person – $ 17.95
Safety Plan Template – Sales Person – $ 17.95


tickResults Guaranteed 100% or Money Back

Please Note: We offer a full 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this Expression of Interest Template.

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P.S Your Business Lifeline?
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P.S.S Need to save time?
Using templates is going to save you significant time and effort. You can simply plug in your details and print off your Expression of Interest immediately.

Bottom line is this.
If you want to FINALLY see some success, then you MUST implement ‘Expressions of Interests’ that hit your target market. If you don’t – your work goes straight to the trash!

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