Running your own business? Do you have a Policy Manual? If not, you must be struggling. How can you possibly get work done effectively?

Below are 3 Benefits of Having a Policy Manual. How can you not have one?

Are you running around like a mad chook? You must be. I own a business and I certainly cannot get by without my Policy Manual.

What’s the Purpose of a Policy Manual?

Big Benefit 1

A Policy Manual explains to my team all the rules they need to follow. It is one comprehensive document that spells everything out so they clearly know where they stand.

This is a common problem with a lot of businesses. The staff have no clear boundaries and the owner actually thinks they do.

The truth is, it is very hard to communicate to every team member exactly the same thing. The answer to this is to have a Policy Manual.

Big Benefit 2

Shows your team how to perform tasks every day. A step by step tool. What could be clearer?

Communication and clarity make a huge difference to any business.

Big Benefit 3

Consistency – Repeat business tasks in a consistent manner. Repeat business is the success of your business. Customers love to know what they are getting.

Implementing procedures and policies will ensure your product or service is more consistent and consistency is what customers love. It seems like a mammoth task to develop a Policy and Procedures Manual. The good news is you do not need to.

A Comprehensive Document

A Policy and Procedures manual is a comprehensive document that outlines all the rules of your business. You can simply use a Policy Manual Template or a Procedure Manual Template and customize it to suit your business.


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