One thing I have noticed that dramatically reduces the stress and pressure of operating a small business and also dramatically improves business accuracy is having a procedure manual. This tool is invaluable to your small business.

If you haven’t got a procedure manual in your small business and you employ staff – stop everything you are doing and create one immediately. I cannot stress this enough.

Why are they so good?

If you set them up with plenty of accurate detail – your team will know exactly what is required. But there is too much detail you say? So what. Get stuck into it and add the detail. You know what – you can get your team to create it as well. As they perform a task – ask them to document it step by step.. Then add it to your procedure manual. How easy is that?

You know what – you probably need it too!

Everything is in your head right? All the steps required, all the correct ways of doing things etc etc.

What’s the point of it being all in your head? Get it out of your head – get it online or even in a book and let your team use the information you have in your head. Makes sense right?

Yes – it will take some effort to create a Procedure Manual – but you will reap massive rewards if you do it and persist in doing it and updating it as you go.

No excuse now – go and start it now. Procedure Manual Template.

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