This is the way to create an Auto Table of Contents in Word.

Auto Table of Contents Word

Step 1: Type some text in a new blank document – easy to do

Step 2: Open the Styles Box

Step 3: Select the First Line of Text

Step 4: Click Heading Style in the styles Box while the text is still selected.

Step 5: Repeat the Process for the next Heading – Heading 2

Step 6: Move the text down so you can fit in the table of contents.

Step 7: Insert the Table of Contents. Click References on the top tab and the Table of Contents.

Step 8: Completed!

So that is the fastest way to create an Auto Table of Contents in MS Word. If you have any comments or information about how to do it faster, then leave your comments below and get the conversation going.

Need More Help?

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That should fix it. If it doesn’t work for you – leave a comment.

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