If you run a business you will know that there has been a big rush towards digital marketing over the last decade or so.

The list includes:

  • Large corporate companies trying to sign businesses up to online databases
  • Spam email after spam email trying to get people to “optimize for SEO”
  • Ridiculous statements like – if you’re not online you don’t have a business !

However – is it all that it is cracked up to be?

I say a big NO!


I run my own business and I tell you the amount of email I receive every week is ridiculous. Some people love the attention – some people love checking twitter every 5 seconds.

Me however – I like to stay clear as much as possible. It is too much of a distraction.

Old School Works

One of the best things I believe you can do to make your business grow these days is:


This costs you a bit of time and effort, but geeeez the results will smash any digital marketing campaign out the window for a six.

If you are not this type of person, it isn’t hard to change. I think you are probably like most other people. A bit shy at first but once you get going you will find it easy and most likely begin to like it.

After all – who wants to do business with people you have no idea who they are? I know I don’t. I want to get to know my customers and suppliers and find out more about them.

Enjoying building real genuine relationships seems to be the key to success and putting the effort into getting to know others will make a huge difference to any business!

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