Providing a workplace that is safe and free from any form of drug or alcohol abuse should be a priority for you as the business owner. To keep your standards high, you should not tolerate any form of drug or alcohol abuse in your workplace.

Can you risk incidents from drug or alcohol abuse?

Create a drug and alcohol policy that covers this aspect and implement it in your business. You should expect that all employees, visitors or personnel behave in an appropriate manner that reflects your business Code of Conduct.

Alcohol and other substance abuse may impair an employee’s ability to perform their duties properly. Excessive alcohol consumption can have serious adverse effects on the health and safety of the individual and others as well as the reputation of the organization.

Examples of excessive alcohol abuse include;

  • Loss of memory;
  • Accidents operating machinery.

Disciplinary Action
A person who is found to fail the drug and or alcohol testing program will be subject to disciplinary action which could include immediate suspension of their employment or immediate termination of their employment.

Take your responsibilities seriously as a small or medium business owner and ensure you have a policy in place for drugs and alcohol.

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