5 Reasons Why You Should Document Meetings

Meetings can be a huge waste of time. If you have to travel they are even more of a time waster. However there are many good things about meetings too.

Networking with others, building relationships, reviewing things closely and in confidence are all good things about meetings. Don’t get me wrong. Meeting up in person makes a huge difference and adds a lot of qualities you cannot necessarily get from using online meeting platforms.

Technology Saving Tons of Time and Reducing Carbon Footprint

The ability to use Zoom and MS Teams has really changed the amount of time required to coordinate with others regarding meetings. You really do save a lot of time using these types of platforms.

The other massive bonus is you are saving the planet by not having to commute to meetings. This reduces your carbon footprint and this is a huge benefit to the planet. Travel time does take a lot of time and effort.

It doesn’t matter though if you are holding online meetings or meetings in person. Recording meetings using a meeting minutes template is something you really need to do. There are several risks if you don’t bother to record your meeting discussions and likely will create headaches for you down the track.

Record Meetings Using a Meeting Minutes Template

If you are constantly having meetings, are you taking the time to record these meetings?

If you are constantly having meetings, you should record your conversations using a free meeting minutes template. Save a ton of time and download this meeting minutes template that includes a free bonus!

5 Reasons Why You Should Document Meetings

1. Can you afford to forget what was said?

If you are busy, chances are you can easily forget what has been said in any meeting. Things are likely to go in one ear and out the other!

Recording your conversations makes a huge difference to getting things completed accurately. So, take the time to record your meeting conversations with Meeting Minutes.

2. Just more Professional

Recording your meetings or documenting the conversations is just way more professional that forgetting about it. If you aren’t recording your meetings and you forget something, how does that look to your clients, colleagues or whoever you are having the meeting with?

Pretty ordinary.

3. Future Reference for Records

A few weeks down the track you might need to go back and review what was said. having meeting minutes allows you to do this easily and just makes perfect sense.

4. Keep Others Accountable

It is easy to delegate something to others but if they don’t get the task completed, what was the point? Having a written record helps them remember what was required and helps to keep them accountable. OK, you cannot force accountability, however it is likely the most important thing is just to remind people and then the accountability naturally flows.

5. You Could Need it for Litigation

If you run into problems down the track you might need written conversations for litigation purposes. Having a written record makes a big difference and allows you to provide more proof of any conversations.

So there are 5 simple reasons Meeting Minutes are a great idea.

Free Meeting Minutes Template

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Here is the free version. Click the image to download the MS Word Free Meeting Minutes Template. It’s basic, however it will allow you to record something in your meetings and save you time.

Free Meeting Minutes | Master Template

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Your Thoughts About Meetings

Got any thoughts about meetings? How to make them more efficient or more productive? Leave a comment below.

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