If you are operating a hairdressing salon, you’ll know that it can be quite challenging. Then if you throw staff into the mix it becomes even more challenging.

A major concern about operating a small business is that you the owner is responsible for absolutely everything. This even means that you need to be responsible for the tasks that your team complete.

At the end of the day the buck stops with you the business owner.

So how do you have the very best chance of insuring that your team perform to an excellent standard?

Over the long-term this can become very challenging and can elevate your stress levels. So you must determine what type of strategies are going to help you run your business efficiently and ensure that things are done accurately by your team.

You need to be able to do this through other people and this is where it becomes challenging. Your team members will have different capabilities and different skills depending on their life experiences and their training.

Therefore it makes it very difficult to ensure that tasks and processes are getting done the same way every time.
Why is it important that tasks or products are delivered with consistency and get done the same way in any business?

Your customers are looking for consistency. They enjoy paying you when they get the same level of service or product at the end of the transaction. The last thing that they want to have is a negative surprise. A negative surprise might be getting the same product I got last time at a lower quality or a level of service that was not the same as previous.
When this occurs they are likely to go elsewhere.

Therefore you need to standardise the way your hair salon business operates and delivers its services to your customers.
If your customers are coming in and getting a haircut or getting their nails done or whatever service they are receiving, they need to receive the same level of service to meet their expectations as last time. If they get a worse service then they are likely to be upset.

If they get a better service than it usually becomes a pleasant experience. So you the business owner needs to determine how to deliver your services and products to your customers through your team to a consistent standard.

The best way to do this is to have a set of guidelines rules and procedures in the form of a hair salon employee manual.
This type of document shows your team exactly how to perform all tasks throughout your business. These can be standard operating procedures that should be followed every time somebody performs a particular task.

For example, when a customer enters your business what is the best way to greet them?

What is the best way to introduce them to the services they may need?

What is the best way to talk to them and provide a high level of customer service once they enter your business?

All of these items need to be completed in a standardised fashion for each customer. The only way to do this through your team is to write down each particular task or step-by-step procedure so that your team understand how they can deliver a certain level of service in a standard fashion that impresses your customers.

Once a customer has been impressed they are likely to come back again and again and this is the recipe for ensuring that your business will be a successful hairdressing salon as this is built on repeat customers. If you don’t get those repeat customers you will always be struggling to meet your targets.

You can’t rely on new customers every single day because your business will simply run out of people. So if you really looking for a way to improve the performance of your business then consider using an hair salon employee manual. A hair salon employee manual template will ensure that your system gets underway quicker and allow you to start building your system fast.

Check out this hair salon employee manual template and make the decision today to change your business fast. Start building your system in your hairdressing salon business to ensure that your business will survive into the future.

It really is that important.

Hair dressing salon employee manual template

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