Keeping accurate records in a meeting is an important part of running a successful business. Formal meeting minutes act as a record of the meeting and the conversation that took place and can be beneficial should something go wrong in the future.

It is often amazing to attend so many meetings and note that no-one is recording what the discussion is about.

We have added a meeting minutes template to our list of templates for download. Check out the meeting minutes template below. (Please note there is no watermark logo on the download template.)

Meeting Minutes Template

Keep Good Notes

When attending meetings, it is critical you keep a record of what was said. Don’t rely on your hand written notes on a scrap piece of paper. Get hold of a template and use it over and over again.

This will ensure you record all of the important issues at the time, the people that were present at the meeting and the responsibilities of each person.

It is a great tool to use and refer to at a later date. If you are having regular meetings for a project or for whatever reason, you will have an ongoing record of what is required by each person.

Then when you meet for the next meeting your minutes become an ongoing list of keeping your team or consultants accountable.

Plenty of Benefits of Good Notes

The benefits of keeping good records outweigh the effort it takes to be organized, so take the time today to get your procedures and system working for you. Spend a small amount of time everyday on your procedures and policies and watch the improvement it makes to your business.

You will be surprised !

Take advantage of our templates if they are useful to your business. You can find the meeting minutes template at this link.

Another Helpful Template – A Meeting Agenda Template

Also another very helpful template is the meeting agenda template. This template allows you to prepare others for the meeting and also helps you to prepare for any meeting.

Check out the meeting agenda template below. This is included free with the meeting minutes template.