Policy and Procedure Manual – 3 Fast Ways to Start

A policy and procedure manual provides a structured framework for an organization’s operations, promoting consistency and clarity in decision-making and processes. It also serves as a valuable resource for training, compliance, and risk management, helping to enhance efficiency and reduce errors.

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A professional, business eBook cover with Policy and Procedure Manual Template text on it. Blue, white and red background with Digital Documents Direct logo and website address.
Policy And Procedure Manual Template

Creating a policy and procedure manual can vary in difficulty depending on the size and complexity of the organization, as well as the industry’s regulatory requirements. Read on to find out more.

Create a Policy and Procedure Manual – 3 Fast Ways to Start

Policies and Procedures are an important part of any business. If you want to create your Policy and Procedure Manual fast, then check out these 3 options below.

Fast Option 1 – Use MS Word and Create One Fast

Blue MS Word logo
Policy and Procedure Manual – Word

Grab your favorite word processing software on your desktop and start typing. Creating a basic file that forms a policy and procedure manual shouldn’t take you long to start. You can simply add a few details about your business, standards and guidelines, rules and step by step procedures in a few minutes.

OK, it is obviously going to take some significant time to create something significant, however starting it should be fast and easy.

You could even use these headings to get you started.

  • Introduction
  • Mission Statement
  • Company Vision
  • Our Values
  • Welcome To Our Business
  • History of This Company
  • Environment and Company Details
  • Hours of Work
  • Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Timesheets
  • Procedure Manual
  • Procedure – Meeting Room Preparation
  • Summary

Information Everywhere

You really can find a lot of policy and procedure information online for any particular business in any niche. You can use this information to suit your business quickly. There is so much information available online that is relevant to just about any type of business in the world.

So creating a procedure manual using Microsoft Word is definitely the quickest and the fastest way to start. If you’re starting to employ team members into your business you certainly need an employee handbook or similar to assist them when they start work.

Even just including the history of your business, a mission statement, some values and what your business is about as well as typical general business details is going to go a long way in answering the basics for your new staff.

Then all you need to do is set up a template for procedures which you can use over and over again. This could simply be a step-by-step instruction manual for each task that is required in your business. You can quickly add this to MS Microsoft Word and store this in a central database system.

The simplicity of this is you can also send the one page step-by-step procedure template to your team and ask them to detail out the steps required to complete a task.

Not only is this fast and easy it’s very cheap and you can get your quality management system the way almost instantly. Create a policy and procedure manual template with Microsoft Word is certainly a great way to start things off.

Once you’ve got a ton of information into this document you can then transfer it to a software platform or some other system that is easy to use. If your team members are on the fly all the time or walking around a shop floor or manufacturing plant or even out on site, you could ensure all your procedures are accessible via an app.

Fast Option 2 – Use a Third Party Website and Take a Bit More Time

Blue WordPress logo
Policy and Procedure Manual – WordPress

Go to one of those few website platforms and create a website. This is likely to take a bit more time. Something like WordPress.com or similar will allow you to create a procedure manual fast. But beware – ensure you have a back up as these sites can change quickly and all your hard work may go out the window.

You can likely find generic policies online and modify them fast to suit your business. The only thing to look out for are the terms and conditions of those types of website because sometimes all your hard work could disappear. So be careful!

Start with this introduction.

This Policy and Procedure Manual outlines all the ‘Rules and Guidelines’ of our business. As an employee, you are required to follow these rules and guidelines. You should read this document in its entirety and follow these guidelines in your daily work.

Add a Mission Statement.

Our Mission Statement:
“At Company , we…..

Add a Vision

The Company Vision is to be a leader in…..

Add your Values

Our employees are the most valued assets of our company, and are essential participants with a responsibility of fulfilling the same mission. We recognize that the motivation and performance of our employees are the key factors in achieving success.

Benefits of using a website

The benefits of using a website include the fact that your work is usually backed up easily. Further to this you can make a fairly large website quite easily with lots of links and lots of information.

  • You could add step-by-step instructions and also step-by-step videos which would make it much easier for your team to understand how to perform the task.
  • There is a drawback though with using a third-party website, and that is it could potentially be deleted that anytime. For example Google had a website system that was free for a long time. It was also very easy to use, detailed with plenty of good features. It was a good system for creating a procedure manual.
  • This was known as Google sites but then they went ahead and changed the whole system and created a different type of website based system which was not as good.

With third party websites, you are forced to use the system so if you’re not in full control then potentially down the track you were going to run into a problem or have to change your entire procedure manual system once again.

So definitely plays to be in full control of your whole system so that you are not continuously updating your quality and procedure system manual. Already is it a huge amount of work to create and you don’t need the unnecessary work of having to shift platforms or recreate the whole system in a different place.

  • One benefit is that some of these systems are free and you can get quite a bit of information onto these systems for free.

But as far as I’m concerned that’s not good enough reason to use these systems because the amount of effort that goes into creating a quality and procedure manual quality system is huge. Having to move it or shifted to a different platform is just a complete waste of time.

Fast Option 3 – Download a Template from Digital Documents Direct

Need a Template? Download Instantly. Click Here

A professional, business eBook cover with Policy and Procedure Manual Template text on it. Blue, white and red background with Digital Documents Direct logo and website address.
Policy And Procedure Manual Template

We have a ton of these types of templates such as:

  • checklists
  • policies and procedures
  • policy manuals
  • procedure manuals
  • quality manuals
  • operations manuals
  • and standard operating procedures. This list goes on and on.

Review some of our products below. If you want to improve your business fast, are tired of doing everything yourself in your business and want to delegate more effectively with detailed instructions, then consider the following templates below.

Policy And Procedure Manual Template

A professional, business eBook cover with Policy and Procedure Manual Template text on it. Blue, white and red background with Digital Documents Direct logo and website address.
Policy And Procedure Manual Template

Quality Manual

A professional, business eBook cover with Quality Manual Template text on it. Blue, white, and red background with Digital Documents Direct logo and website address.
Quality Manual

Operations Manual

A professional, business eBook cover with Operations Manual Template text on it. Blue, white, and red background with Digital Documents Direct logo and website address.
Operations Manual

You will be able to create a Policy and Procedure Manual super fast.

The Most Effective Tools For Business Growth

How many times have you heard that you should ‘do a marketing campaign’ or ‘buy a ton of advertisements’ to improve your business? Buyer beware. Often these types of strategies are promoted buy marketing businesses typically trying to get work off you.

There is nothing wrong with this, however do you know how effective it really is? What is your return on investment and have you actually made any money once all the dust has settled?

Are there other ways to gain more work and increase your business performance?

Dramatically Improving Your Business Other Ways

If you run a small to medium business, you will already know it is hard work. If you have a small team of people, it is even harder. You have so many things to think about and delivering quality to your clients is just one aspect.

Policy and Procedure Manual - Dramatic Improvement
Policy and Procedure Manual – Dramatic Improvement

You as business owner feel as though others in your business don’t have the same passion and drive as you the owner has. As a business owner, you know what effort and proactive response is required to gain and keep clients and what also makes a difference to the bottom line.

Getting new leads and potential clients through traditional marketing may not always be the best answer. After spending significant amounts of money on advertisements or marketing campaigns, have you actually made any money?

A Fantastic Way To Get More Leads And Build Your Business

One of the cheapest and easiest ways of getting more work for your business is to administer or put into practice a Policy and Procedure Manual.

A Policy and Procedure Manual is going to make a dramatic difference to your business. Not only will it get you more leads, it will sustain your business for the future and create a business for the long term. How will it do this?

Produce High Quality and Customers Return

Take a look at the large organizations around the world. All of them implement common standards of producing the work.

This means they deliver the same product to the required quality over and over again. The problem is, humans are involved in producing this work and humans are not robots. Therefore, they need assistance to help them achieve consistent standards.

The Key to Quality

This is where Policy and Procedure Manuals come in handy. OK, your business may not be huge and you may only have 2 or 3 staff members, however, if you implement these manuals into your business you will see a dramatic difference in the quality of work you produce and the consistency of the finish. This is critical if you want to give your customers the same experience every time.

Customers love getting value for money. They love the ability to get good value and the same value every time they shop. If you can deliver this consistent quality then your customer is likely to come back again and again as they are confident the quality they will receive will be the same each time.

There is nothing worse than getting a different quality each time. You need to deliver this consistent quality to get repeat customers and this repeat business is going to enhance your bottom line and help to deliver better profits every year.

You Can’t Build A Great Business Without Guidelines

Well, you can still build a business, however how long will it last? If you are out to make a quick buck, then this strategy is not for you.

However if you are wanting, like most sensible people, to build a long term quality business that survives the downturns in the economy, provides consistent income for you, your family and your team members, then you need a quality system.

Policy and Procedure Manuals are critical to the success of your business regardless of the size of it. If you haven’t put into practice a quality system, then it is highly recommended you get started straight away.

Use A Template and Fast Track Your Growth

Using a template will allow you to fast track your quality system. This will save you considerable time and allow you to implement policies and procedures in your business immediately.

Think about what you will require and the time required to generate a Procedure Manual from scratch. Just getting the basics together is a huge task. It is months of work.

Using a template will save you an incredible amount of time. If you simply don’t have the time, then it is highly recommend you use a policy and procedure manual template and get your system up and running immediately.

How you will save time?

Using a template will save you time. But how exactly?

Stop Wasting Your Time - Policy and Procedure Manual
Policy and Procedure Manual

Depending on the template you purchase, you will not really have to think too hard about what the basics are with regard to policies and procedures. The thinking has already been completed for you.

What is your mission statement? What policies are good enough for you and your business? Which policies are relevant? What tasks need to be set out to kick things off in a procedure manual?

All of these questions are answered when you use a template and activate in your business.

Key To Your Business Success

A Policy and Procedure Manual is the key to your business success. This tool is a major component of ensuring a business is successful. If you are of an entrepreneurial nature, don’t attend to the detail much but are very enthusiastic, then you must implement a procedure manual in your business. This will assist you in ensuring the detail is covered at all times.

Let’s face it, running a business is tough and you need to ensure you are addressing every possible innovation to ensure your business survives.

However, sometimes it comes down to the basics and the basics usually are – keep your customers happy and they will return for more. How can you possibly keep all of your customers happy through your staff? The answer is by implementing a detailed procedure manual.

This is not a two page document that tells people where the toilets are and what time to start work. It is a detailed document that outlines everyone’s role in the business and details every task they do.

Does this sound like a mammoth task?

Yes, that is because it can be.

The best way to reduce the work load of creating a procedure manual is to get your hands on a template. A template is going to allow you to create a procedure manual relatively easily and certainly much faster than creating one form scratch.

The policy and procedure manual is certainly a ‘top shelf’ document that needs to be drafted and implemented in any business if you want to see your business succeed. It is critical that you implement one ion your business.

Speak Your Mind

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Need a Template? Download a Policy And Procedure Manual Template Instantly. Click Here

A professional, business eBook cover with Policy and Procedure Manual Template text on it. Blue, white and red background with Digital Documents Direct logo and website address.
Policy And Procedure Manual Template

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