Recently I went to get my car fixed at a Dealer. This was a premium dealer and not a backyard job.

The quote to get the car fixed was a significant amount of money so I expected a top level service and for the car to be repaired expertly.

However – I was to be disappointed.

The car came back with water in the coolant instead of coolant. There were grease marks all over the top cover of the engine – clearly something that wasn’t there before.

How did I feel?

2 Words – Ripped Off.


These types of business mistakes are inexcusable for premium providers. It makes me wonder if the mechanic who fixed it actually fixed it properly, has been trained appropriately and if they have an all important PROCEDURE MANUAL.

It’s not rocket science is it?

If you have staff in your business – you need to have a Procedure Manual. It is as simple as that. A procedure manual would have avoided the simple mistakes that were made on my car.

The combination of a little bit of training and the Procedure Manual go a long way into delivering a quality service. Obviously a premium dealer can afford to make mistakes.


However – a small or medium business cannot. This is why it is so important to make sure your team know the rules and follow the guidelines.

Yeah it may seem like a tedious job – but not as tedious as completing your resume and looking for work. Implement a Procedure manual in your business today and deliver the very best service you can – or expect your Customers to go elsewhere.

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