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If you are looking to create a Procedure Manual, then you can consider these typical elements that should be included.

For example, you might create a Policy and Procedure Manual together as the two work hand in hand with each other to ensure your business runs efficiently.

So, the first thing you can do is break your manual into 2 sections.

Section 1: Policy Manual

Section 2: Procedure Manual

Here are a list of typical headings you would have in the Policy Manual Sections.

Firstly, you want to have an introductory section. This introduces new employees to your company and advises them of the basics. This could include a Mission Statement of your company and the history of your company.


Then you might break your policies down into various areas. You should include a Equal Opportunity Policy and other typical policies.

  • Equal Opportunity Policy
  • Other Policies

Then you might get into the basics like the following.

  • How to use this Manual
  • Company Details
  • Structure and Team members
  • Roles

What do I need to do when beginning work?

These are just a few things you can include in your Procedure and Policy Manual.

If you need to develop an office procedure manual then you should consider purchasing a template. This will save you significant time and effort. Generating a Procedure Manual from scratch is a huge task.

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