Free Business Templates? Really?

Looking for free business templates for your business? The quality may not be good. Businesses need to make money online otherwise they are not a business.

Apparently it is popular to get your stuff free from the internet….Just check out this survey result.

How much would you expect to pay for a template?

Looks like a lot of people want stuff for free these days. Unfortunately this is not the greatest way to run a business because really you don’t have a business if it doesn’t make any money.

Making a Business Online Needs a Freebie Component

It will be hard to sustain a real business online if you give everything away for free.

There are websites that give other people’s things away for free. Is this really a good thing to do?

Giving stuff away for free doesn’t really happen. So if you are expecting free stuff – take a closer look as it really wouldn’t be free.

How Do You Treat Your Clients and Customers?

Customer service is critical if you want your business to last. You need to train your team on how critical it is.

Need to Improve Customer Service in your business?

How do you treat your clients and customers? What is your Customer Service like? Did you know if you want to grow your business the easiest way to do it is over deliver to your existing customers.

Improve Customer Service and Get Those Referrals

Improving Customer Service to an awesome level will get tongues wagging and people will not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Do you treat them like they are the most important person in the world?

If not – they may not come back. Can you risk that? Can you afford it if they do not come back?

Treating your customers with the best service you can possibly muster will make a difference to your business.

Chances are you will not need to market your business.

Try and See – Over Promise and Under Deliver

Bend over backwards and over deliver to every one of your existing customers. Forget spending your hard earned money on marketing and advertising. It is overrated.

Customer Service over delivery will smash any marketing budget out the window!

Over Deliver – Quality is Everything

Spend your time on over delivering to your existing clients and customers and see what happens. Chances are your business will start growing. People will be happy to refer you on.

People will be happy to recommend you to their friends, family, colleagues and other businesses. This works and will achieve repeat business for you.

Before you know it you will be extremely busy. The hard part is then being consistent in what you deliver when you are busy.

It works !

One of the easiest ways to deliver better quality through your team is to use a Procedure Manual.

5 Awesome Ways to Improve your Customer Service – DRAMATICALLY

Under Promise and Over Deliver!

Keep your expectations realistic for your customers. If you get excited and over promise they will only be disappointed when they don’t receive what you said they would.

Activate Your Team!

If your team is not enthusiastic and love what they do – it might be time to get a new team. They should be energized to please your customers. Proactive, smiling, enthusiastic, friendly and helpful.

Get Your Systems Working For You!

Your systems need to run your teams. Not the other way around. Everyone needs to follow the guidelines so the whole thing runs like a well oiled machine.

Give Your Team Massive Encouragement Daily!

Stop being negative – Only Positive. Encourage and Praise. Over and Over. Mistakes should be mentioned once and then move on to the positive.

Reward Team for Awesome Customer Service!

Pick up the Phone and be honest with your Customers or Clients. Communicate to them honestly and dig deeper into their concerns and requests to meet their needs.

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What do you think? How do you treat your customers and Clients?

Are you really GOING HARD on the customer service aspect? Leave a comment below. We want to hear what works and what doesn’t work in your Customer Service experiences.

Answering The Phone Procedure – First Impressions Count

You may not realize it – but the way you or your team answer the phone instantly gives a particular impression.

The way you or your team answer the phone is an important aspect of how your business looks or the impression it gives to your potential or existing customers and clients.

You as the business owner should think carefully about what impression you want to give your customers and detail how you want your staff to answer the phone.

Once you have decided the most appropriate way to answer the phone for your business – document it and make sure everyone of your team member knows what is required.

This is critical. What is the point of creating this procedure if your team do not follow it. You also need to lead by example. Make sure you the business owner also answers the phone in the agreed procedure.

Here is an example of what may be an appropriate way to answer the phone.


Answer the phone – how to do this correctly.

Steps to be Completed

Step 1:

Answer the phone before it has rung 3 times if possible. Do not let it keep ringing.

Step 2:

Answer the phone like so: Good Morning/Afternoon.
Thank you for calling (Business Name ).
This is (Name) How may I help you?

Step 3:

Be courteous at all times.

Step 4:

You must answer the phone in a cheerful and enthusiastic manner.

Answering the phone gives a ‘first impression’ to the caller and it is important that you give an excellent impression at all times.

Step 5:

Ensure you take notes if required. Missing details is unprofessional and not acceptable.

Step 6:

If the caller asks for a person in particular, make sure you check to see if they are in the office before telling the caller they are.

Things to Remember

Always be enthusiastic and professional. Speak clearly and at a normal pace. Do not rush what you are saying and make sure you don’t mumble. Answering the phone correctly is a skill that needs to be mastered to maintain a high impression of this Company.

Make sure your ‘answering phone procedure’ is in your policy and procedure manual.