Free Safety Management Plan Template

Finding a free safety management plan template online can be easy. But finding a good one that meets your needs becomes difficult.

Firstly, what is a Safety Management Plan? Let’s explore the different types of safety management plans and then look at the options available online for finding a Free Safety Management Plan Template.

A Safety Management Plan has many different names. Just type the phrase into Google and check out all the different names that pop up.

Safety Management Plan Template

Safety Management Plan Template

For example:

  • safety management plan
  • whs management plan
  • workplace health and safety management plan
  • health and safety management plan
  • health and safety management system

The list goes on and on.

However – they are typically all the same thing. So in this article we look at what is in a Safety Management Plan and where you can possibly get hold of a free Safety Management Plan.

That would be nice wouldn’t it?

However – remember, you typically only get what you pay for so you might be able to find a very basic template that would require you to do all of the work anyway.

So let’s get started…

Let’s Take a Look with a Simple Google Search

So if we do a search on Google, there are a lot of results surrounding this topic. Take a look for example at a simple Google search in the United States.

In fact, there are 156 million results in Google!

Wow – that is a lot! How can you possibly find what you need in so many results?

safety management plan results
Google 2020, Safety Management Plan Template Results, viewed 02 March 2020,

So taking a look at the results above, there are plenty of images related to this topic.

There are quite a lot of pdfs in the Google results as well as some opportunities to create site-specific Safety Management Plans. Scrolling down there are a couple of shops and then also some WHS Construction Safety Plan Generic Samples as well as a few Ads.

So – plenty to look at. However, if you have already had a look through the results – have you found a good quality free Safety Management Plan Template?

Also – have you tried a few other types of searches? For example, check out the images search in Google. Plenty of options there as well.

Google 2020, Safety Management Plan Image Results, viewed 02 March 2020,

It is likely to be hard to find a good quality free Safety Management Plan Template.

Let’s take a closer look below and see what we have found. But firstly, lets discuss exactly what this type of document is and what is typically in it so you then know what you are looking for.

Specifically, what is in a Safety Management Plan?

A Safety Management Plan is a document that is created specifically for a construction site.

It is all about controlling risk on the site and outlines in written and graphical detail how these risks will be managed

Once complete, the plan should be made available to everyone involved in the project and should be easy to access. It needs to be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it is up to date and modified as the site changes.

It will include everything from important contacts and supervisors right through to management of hazards and dangerous tasks.

A good quality safety management plan has quite a lot of detail in it. It will also be easy to read and interpret as it needs to be read by many people of varying educational backgrounds.

Let’s look deep into the detail.

Size of Project = Size of Safety Plan

Depending how big and complex the project is will determine the size and complexity of the Safety Management Plan. For example, if you are building a few town-homes, this will be a relatively smaller and less complex project than building a 80 storey skyscraper in the city.

Complexity depends on project type

However, your project might be small but have a high degree of risk. So therefore it really makes a difference to what is in the safety plan depending on the type of project it is for.

Simple Details

So starting out with the basics, it makes sense to include any items that provide information for the reader.

This typically can include things like;

  • the address of the project
  • the contact details of supervisors and safety officers
  • management names and responsibilities
  • positions of management.

Remember, these are only the basic details with further details to be included further into the report.

More Descriptive Details

As we move into the detail of the plan, it is important to also include further details that are more site specific. These more project specific elements may include;

  • a project description
  • responsibilities of particular personnel
  • consultation, induction and training
  • identification of hazards including assessment and control risks
  • managing subcontractors
  • managing incidents
  • monitoring and review of the plan.

Even More details

It pays to enter plenty of details into your Safety Management Plan. This document should be comprehensive. It should also be tailored to suit the reader.

Will anyone actually read your document?

Safety Management Plan Template

Chances are people will try and avoid it. However, it is important it is implemented onsite. These types of documents are critical for site safety – so it makes sense that management ensure everyone has read and understood the document.

This could be done in a number of ways. We will take a look at the detail a bit further down below.

But for now – let’s take a look at what free templates we found online.

Free Safety Management Plan Templates

So let’s have a look at some of the free options available online and see if they are any good.

Option 1
Free Safety Management Plan Template

This particular website is a Australian Government website that has a downloadable PDF on it.

ComCare 2020, Work health and safety (WHS) management plan template, viewed 02 March 2020,

You can download the pdf and fill out the fields if you have the appropriate Adobe Acrobat software.

Not much good if you just have MS Word though.

Option 2 have a range of sample templates including a number of Editable Safety Plan Templates.

Check them out on their website which looks like the image below. 2020, Free 13+ Safety Plan Templates in Google Docs, viewed 02 March 2020,

The links refer you back to and this has a number of templates that you can purchase.

It looks something like this below. 2020, Safety Plan Template, viewed 02 March 2020,

However – most of these are not free as you have to pay $29 per month to access the templates.

Option 3
Free Safety Management Plan Template

Graphic Products have plenty of information on their website regarding Safety Management Plans. There is information regarding What a OSHA Safety Plan is as well as plenty of information about Management Leadership and Employee Involvement.

However, it looks as there is only a few links to download a free guide.

No doubt this will be helpful when creating your Safety Management Plan. Check out the website view below.

Graphic Products 2020, OSHA Safety Management Plan, viewed 02 March 2020,

Option 4
Free Safety Management Plan Template also has a free construction management safety plan template you should check out. Their website looks like this below.

Tenderfield 2020, A guide to implementing a construction safety management plan, viewed 02 March 2020,

Click through the links and you will see an option to signup to download a template. It looks like the following below.

Tenderfield 2020, Construction Safety Plan Download, viewed 02 March 2020,

Option 5
Free Safety Management Plan Template is online form creation which is handy. This is a bit more serious now and gives you options to complete plans by filling out fields.

You can also download checklists but need to sign up first. Something that a lot of website require. So check out their website below or at the link above.

iAuditor 2020, Top 4 Risk Management Templates, viewed 02 March 2020,

lso has a free construction management safety plan template you should check out. Their website looks like this below.

More Important Detail

OK, so now we have had a look at the free templates available, let’s talk a bit further about the detail you may need in your plan.

You could have things like an Aim and Policy which is a great start to your documents.

Further to this you should have definitions included which highlight the meaning of words used in your plan.

It is also good to talk about accountabilities and disciplinary action. Don’t forget to include the name and address of the Principal Contractor as well as the Principal Contractor’s Business Number.

Then you should also include Workplace Health and Safety Committee details, WHSO (Workplace Health and Safety Officer) appointed details.

Then you can move into SPECIFIC SITE ACTIVITIES. This includes detailed items such as:

  • Electrical
  • Explosive Power Tools
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Inspection of Plant and Equipment

Then a section regarding ACCIDENTS.

Then a section regarding AUDITING.

Safety Management Plan Template

If you include all of these things then you are certainly on the way to providing a good quality detailed Safety Management Plan.

Download a Free Safety Management Plan Template

Thanks for reading down this far. We have a Free Safety Management Plan Template you can download.

OK, so after all the text above and all the talking, we would love for you to download our free safety plan template. It’s not our full version, however it is a good version if you want something for free to get your safety plan up and running.

If however, you want to save a lot of time then consider purchasing our full version Safety Management Plan Template as it will save you a ton of time.

So, check it out below in an easy MS Word format for you to download – 100% free with no signups or anything. Just a gift from us for coming to our website and reading this far down….so here it is.

Free Safety Management Plan Template

What About You?

Got any comments about what is best for a Safety Management Plan or anywhere you know of that provides a free template?

Please add below and start the conversation.

Safety Plan Templates

A Safety Plan Template is useful for creating your Safety Plan. However, what type of safety plan are you creating?

Safety Plans are usually comprehensive documents used to communicate a range of things to keep people safe.

Safety Plan Template

They can range from Special Event Safety Plans, Construction Site Safety Plans through to Personal Safety Plans.

There are a wide variety of applications for safety plans. Typically the most common are construction safety plans and personal safety plans. A quick search online reveals that there is a significant amount of information surrounding these topics.

Safety Plan Templates

If you need to create a safety plan then it certainly pays to get hold of a template. However, templates come in a variety of types depending on the type of safety plan you require.

Read More

Read More About Our Safety Plan Template for Construction below.

Safety Plan Template – < Click the link.

What is in a Health and Safety Plan Template?

A new contractor was recently awarded a demolition project in a highly urbanized location. One of the requirements prior to issuance of necessary permits is the submission of a Health and Safety Plan.

Typically this happens around the world everyday. It is a relatively small part of building a project. However – it is an important part. The health and safety of people working on the site or involved in the site in any way is important. Just like the safety of any visitors is important.

Health and Safety Plan – Site Specific Details are Important

The contents of a health and safety plan are important. The detail matters and it should be site specific. Components of the plan can be used on every site.

However, ensure relevant details for any particular site have been addressed. Components of the plan that are site specific should have actually been reviewed and checked.

Health and Safety Plan – What is in the Detail?

The Health and Safety Plan usually provides a combination of instructions and health and safety requirements. It provides a record for future reference so that anyone mobilized to site at a later date are informed. This will assist in looking at the history of safety and associated events that occurred in the past.

Detailed information on certain issues and how they were dealt with will be useful for any new employee. Depending on the nature of the project, a typical H & S Plan may contain some of the following information.

Specific Contents of a Health and Safety Plan

The following items are typically found in a health and safety plan. If you are considering purchasing a template for your safety plan, then it should have these as a basic minimum.

Client Information

Firstly, any Client information is important. This may include details like the name and business contact numbers of the client or authorized representative.

Emergency Services Contacts

Additional important services for medical, emergency numbers or local authorities are also a good idea to include.

Contractor and Sub-contractor Details

The full name and address of the main contractor as well as any subcontractors. Also including their expertise is a good idea.

A Project Description

A description of the project and what type of contract should be also included. Further to this, the contract sum is also included.


The address of the project should be included.

Project Duration

Actual start date of the project and an estimated time of completion.

Project Design

Safety in Design aspects from other consultants such as the Architect, Structural Engineer and Landscape Architect. Any risk assessments or details that have been provided surrounding the aspects of safety within the design are important.

Actual Project Site Layout

Indicate actual location of structures like site office, fabrication shop, crane position, staging area or parking.

Any out of bounds areas or areas that should be partitioned off from access should be included.

Health and Safety Processes

Aspects on construction management, handling and control of project resources (incoming and outgoing workers, materials, equipment, and sub-contractors).

Procedural guidelines on how to carry out an investigation, report and suggest preventive measures on serious incidents or occupational illness that happens during the duration of the project.

Also within the plan should be a system on how to communicate health and safety related information on a daily basis.

Construction site rules and regulations

In addition to the above, as-built plans and site sketches from consultants should be included and referred to where appropriate.

Identification of harmful construction materials, equipment and site hazards should be identified. Also procedures for handing of materials and storage locations.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Plan including emergency procedures and what to do in the case of a fire.

Relevant Training and Seminars

Include documents indicating employees are equipped for emergencies.

A Health and Safety Management Plan is a comprehensive document and is a management tool to protect employees, contractors, visitors and anyone else that is involved with the project and construction.


Got any comments or something to say? Feel free to make a comment and get the discussion underway.