How to Customize Templates

Customize our templates to suit your organization

How to Customize the Templates to Suit Your Organization

Once you have purchased our templates, you will need to update the templates to suit your organization.

We have identified all items in the templates that need changing in red pen. We recommend you read through the templates as well to familiarize yourself with them and to also make any further changes to suit your organization.

Digital Documents Direct takes no responsibility for incorrect information within the templates in accordance with our terms and conditions of purchase. It is your responsibility to ensure the information is suitable and appropriate for your organization and use.

How to Find and Replace Items

Open the template in Microsoft Word and use the Find and Replace tool. Refer to the image below for clarity.

Click on Home > Replace > More.

How to Find and Replace Items

This will allow you to enter the relevant details to find and replace items in the template.

You can use the Replace, Replace All and the Find Next buttons to change the relevant details.

Note: If you use the ‘Replace All’ it may replace similar words within a sentence that you don’t need to change. We recommend replacing words one by one as this will be a more accurate way of completing the template.

How to Find and Replace Items

Navigation Window Menu

For the templates that have a Table of Contents, there is also a Navigation Menu that is very helpful. Please note this is only for the templates that have a Table of Contents.

Click on View > Tick the Box ‘Navigation’.

You will now be able to jump between sections quickly.

Navigation Window Menu

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