Incident Form Template

Can you afford to not protect your business by recording all incidents?

Incident Form Template

Incidents may or may not occur. Nobody wants them to, however should they occur, are you and your business prepared?

Keeping good records is essential for any business. This includes keeping good records of any incident should it occur.

Your team need a comprehensive but simple form to complete should an incident occur. This Incident Form Template allows you to record incidents quickly and efficiently.

A Responsible Business

Responsible businesses ensure they are playing by the rules and keeping good records. This is particularly important when it comes to the safety of your visitors and employees.

Should an incident occur, you want to be prepared. You the business owner are responsible for your business and it makes sense that you provide the essential tools to record any incidents should they occur.

3 Benefits of Recording Incidents

1. Identifies Problem Areas

Recording incidents allows you to easily identify problem areas and repeat occurrences. This improves the performance of your business and ensures dedicated improvement to safety.

2. Enforces Compliance

It ensures you adhere to Occupational Health and Safety requirements which may be required by law depending on the jurisdiction you are operating in.

3. Accountability

It holds your team accountable to perform their tasks correctly and ensure the safety of their fellow workers.

Take a Look at the Form

Check out the incident form below. Please note the template for download does not have a watermark on it.

Incident Form Template

Incident Form Template

Also Included Free

When you purchase the Incident Form Template above you also receive a Incident Report Template free. Check out the detail below.

Title Page

Image of Incident Report Template Title Page
Incident Report Template | Title Page

Table of Contents

Check out the table of contents below.

Image of Incident Report Template Table of Contents
Incident Report Template Table of Contents

Incident Report

Check out the first page of the incident report template below.

Image of Incident Report Template
Incident Report Template | Incident Report

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Incident Form Template

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Incident Report Template

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