Refund Policy

Should you not be happy with your purchase we promise to refund your purchase price in full.

To Request a Refund

Should you request a refund, you agree that you will delete our products from your computer/s and/or databases and destroy any hard copies.

Due to the nature of our products when requesting refunds, the purchaser must delete all products from any devices and confirm in writing that this has been completed.

Any refunds require all purchase details including transaction number and the refund request email sent from the email which the product was purchased.

Due to the huge risk in fraud we cannot refund to any random email address or refund request from any random email address.

The refund request email must be sent from the email used to purchase the product.

Your Obligations

You also agree that no information you obtained from the purchase shall be used for any purpose. After receiving a refund, should you become aware that in fact you are using information obtained from the purchase, you also agree that you will contact Digital Documents Direct and reimburse Digital Document Direct for the full sum of the purchase.

You also agree that you will not distribute, publish, offer for sale, license or sub-license, give or disclose to any other party, this software or the documents in hard copy, digital form or any other medium except as specifically permitted above.

Transaction Fees

Digital Documents Direct pay a transaction fee for each transaction. These transaction fees are not refunded in the case of a refund.

Please choose your products wisely.

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