Are you willing to risk your demolition job because you didn’t have a Demolition Safety Plan?

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Safety is Good Business

Don’t risk it. Demolition can be dangerous. Safety on a construction site and in the workplace benefits everyone. A safe work environment means that your business can operate successfully while increasing worker performance, safety and morale.

Use a safety plan template to fulfill your safety obligations and create a detailed safety plan quickly and at minimal cost.

Title Page

The following is the title page which you can easily amend to suit your project and business.

Title Page

Table of Contents

This Table of Contents is fully automatic using Microsoft Word’s automated Table of Contents feature.

Table of Contents Page 1

Table of Contents Page 2

Table of Contents Page 3

Section 1 – General Details

This section allows you to enter general details of the Principal Contractor and other contact details.

General Details

Section 2 – Health and Safety Policy

Section 2 has a Health and Safety Policy. Refer to the beginning of the policy below.

Health and Safety Policy

Section 3 – Definitions

Section 3 is about Health and Safety definitions.

Section 4 – Management

Section 4 is about Management and you can create an Organizational Chart. This template is detailed enough to allow you to create a comprehensive safety plan.


Section 5 – Communication

Section 5 explains communication requirements including specifics for safety meetings.


Section 6 – Health and Safety Committee

Section 6 describes contacts for workplace health and safety and contacts for a workplace health and safety officer.

Health and Safety Committee

Section 7 – Site Specific Details

Section 7 is about site specific details.

Section 8 – Specific Site Activities

Section 8 describes site specific activities. A sample of these activities are listed below. Refer to the Table of Contents for all the site specific activities that are included.

Specific Site Activities

Section 9 – Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Section 9 describes PPE requirements, a crucial component of any Safety Management Plan.

Personal Protective Equipment

Section 10 – Accidents

Section 10 identifies accident guidelines and procedures.

A Safety Management Plan communicates to your staff, sub-contractors and visitors exactly what they need to be mindful of when it comes to safety in the workplace and how to deal with incidents should they occur.


Emergency Contacts and Accidents
There is also a section to indicate emergency services.

Emergency Evacuation Site Gathering Point

There is also space to include a site plan and show the emergency evacuation site gathering point.

Site Map and Gathering Point

Section 11 – Auditing

Section 11 is about auditing.

Section 12 – Summary

Section 12 is an opportunity to include a summary of your Safety Plan.

This Safety Plan Master Template is detailed and will provide you with relevant information that you can use as a solid base for your Safety Plan. There are 12 sections and 31 pages all dealing with safety aspects from the basics through to specific procedures on site.

You must do everything you can to protect your team members, visitors and contractors by law, so not having this basic requirement is a recipe for disaster.

As a business owner, you should put in place everything you can to protect your employees. The last thing you want to be doing is dealing with a major workplace incident.

What is Included?

Safety Plan Master Template
File Type
Microsoft Word .docx

Page Count

Word Count

4 Bonus Additional Safety Master Templates Free!

When you buy this Safety Plan Master Template we will include another 4 relevant safety templates 100% free.

List of Free Master Templates below

Health and Safety Policy Template
Incident Report Form Template
Incident Report Template Template
Safe Work Method Statement Template

These Master Templates are relevant to building up your safety policies, procedures and rules in your business.

Safety Plan Template | Included Free Documents

Free Template 1
Health and Safety Policy Template

Page Count

Word Count

Title Page
The first page is the Title Page. You can easily customize this to suit your business.

Image of Policy Health and Safety Title Page
Health and Safety Policy | Title Page

The first page is the beginning of the policy.

Image of Policy Health and Safety
Policy Template | Health and Safety

Free Template 2
Incident Report Template

Page Count

Word Count

The following template is an Incident Report Template. This template is 8 pages in length. A small amount is shown below.

Title Page

Incident Report Template | Title Page

Table of Contents
The following page is the Table of Contents.

Incident Report Template | Table of Contents

Section 1 – Incident Report General Details

Incident Report Template | General Details

Incident Report Snapshot

Image of Incident Report Template Microsoft Word
Incident Report Template | Microsoft Word

Free Template 3
Incident Report Form

Page Count

Word Count

Image of Incident Form Template
Incident Form Template | Form

Free Template 4
Safe Work Method Statement Template

Page Count

Word Count

Title Page
The following page is the Title Page.

Image of Safe Work Method Statement Template Title Page
Safe Work Method Statement Template | Title Page

The next page is the beginning of the Safe Work Method Statement.

Safe work method statement template risk management
Safe Work Method Statement Template | Risk Management

What is Included?

Template File Types
Microsoft Word .docx

Safety Plan Template
Page Count – 31
Word Count – 4156

Health and Safety Policy Template
Page Count – 4
Word Count – 538

Incident Report Template
Page Count – 8
Word Count – 587

Incident Report Form Template
Page Count – 1
Word Count – 150

Safe Work Method Statement Template
Page Count – 7
Word Count – 850

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Find, Select and Replace | Customize in Minutes

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Can you afford to risk it when it comes to safety in your business or project? Ensure you do everything you can to protect others involved in your organization or project.




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