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Interview Questions Master Template

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Dear Business Owner/Manager

No doubt you already know. Employees will make or break your business. The last thing you need are lazy, incompetent or disruptive, difficult employees.

Screen your potential candidates carefully as they make a huge difference to the performance of your business.

If you don’t, it can create so many headaches for you. Ensure you are employing the best candidates by asking the right questions in the interview process.

Interview Questions Master Template

You must ensure you employ honest, hard working, trustworthy and enthusiastic employees if you want to compete in today’s market place.

How do you possibly ensure you are selecting the best candidates for your business? When selecting employees for your business, the interview is the most critical component of selecting the right employee.

Team members are your business

This has to be one of the most critical components of any business – it’s employees.

If you think you can simply employee anyone – think again. Poor employees can be disruptive to good employees and their disruptive behavior spreads.

Before you know it you could be losing accounts, losing clients or dealing with law suits. These are areas you want to avoid at all costs. It just wastes time and money.

Ensure you are employing the best employees by interviewing them correctly. The questions you ask at the interview will give you an insight into the person you are potentially employing.

Use the information you gather in the interview process to make an educated decision and protect your business.

Review the Detailed Contents

Check out the some of the pages below. This template has many questions that you may never had considered are important to ask potential candidates. You can simply delete the questions you believe are not important.

This template includes:

  • Preparing for the Interview
  • Questions to Ask
  • End of the Interview
  • Evaluating the candidate and questions that should not be asked.

This is an 8 Page document with detailed sections.

Title Page

The first page is the title page. This can easily be amended to suit your business.

Interview Questions Template | Title Page

Table of Contents

The next page shows the Table of Contents. This is a fully automated Table of Contents using Microsoft Word’s Table of Contents feature.

Image of Interview Questions Template Table of Contents
Interview Questions Template | Table of Contents

Interview Guide

Image of Interview Questions Template
Interview Questions Template | Interview Questions

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Review the Contents below.

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