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Sponsorship Proposal Template

Dear Sponsorship Seeker,

Don’t assume you can approach any business and simply ask to get sponsored and achieve it immediately. If you do – you are very fortunate.

Getting sponsored is often very competitive and often comes with performance expectations.

Whether you are a community group or an individual seeking sponsorship, you should realize – if you do not already – that being sponsored is a commercial relationship between you and the sponsor.

Maintaining this relationship can provide many benefits for both parties, so it makes sense to approach sponsorship professionally and use the correct tools to gain the sponsorship for the long term.

A Commercial Business Arrangement

Getting sponsored by a company is not the same as receiving a donation. Don’t get the two confused.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person or the Company sponsoring you. Usually they are doing it for a reason, not simply to make themselves feel good.

Usually this reason is to gain exposure for their company in the local community or whatever market place they think is their target market.

What are the Hidden Motives to Sponsor?

The majority of companies will sponsor local clubs, athletes or whoever to help them achieve their goals, however their primary goal is to promote their business or cause.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you or your club as the sponsorship seeker approach companies in a professional manner, a manner that demonstrates your professionalism for accepting sponsorship.

You also need to continue to behave professionally once you receive sponsorship as you are in effect promoting their business name and it is highly likely they would not like you to tarnish their name.

They are associating their name with you or your club, so you need to ensure that you portray and promote yourself professionally.

7 Great Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting Sponsored

1. Get Others Involved

If you are in a club get other members of the club involved. You need support and the best place to start is in your own backyard. Once you have the support of your members, then you are ready to progress.

2. Get Others to Contribute

Putting together a sponsorship proposal will take considerable time and effort. Get others to help you so that your end result is more professional

3. Prepare Well in Advance

Plan ahead and get your information, contacts and all other relevant documentation together well before you need the money or sponsorship. Throwing together a rough sponsorship package in the hope that you might ‘snag’ a few sponsors will just waste your time. Preparation is important if not critical to your success.

4. Point of Difference

You need to stand out from the rest. It is likely that your target person reads a lot of information on a daily basis and discards a lot of it too. Your proposal needs to stand out, be professional and make an impact – otherwise it will be straight to the trash!

5. Be Competitive

Ensure your pricing is attractive. This doesn’t mean you should undercut yourself, however you want to add significant value to the sponsor. Try and find out what a sponsorship package of the value you are offering would normally sell for.

6. Understand Your Target Market

Find and target the decision maker. Target them as you will then have the biggest chance of influencing them to make a decision that you need – a ‘YES’ decision.

7. Always be Professional

Remember – this is a business agreement. You must act professionally at all times and show your potential sponsor that you can add value to their business.

Ensure you do a spell check and a grammar check of your proposal. Get someone else to also do a check for you. Make sure your document is 100% free of errors.

Getting sponsored need not be difficult. Just be professional and keep knocking on those doors until you get the result you need.

Make a Good Impression from the Beginning

Promoting yourself or your club professionally from the beginning is going to give you the best chance of receiving sponsorship from anyone.

First Impressions Count

You must make a good first impression if you have any chance of achieving your goal of being sponsored by the person you are approaching.

Usually, the first step in achieving sponsor ship is sending the prospect a request or Sponsorship Proposal. This can then be followed up by phone calls to further the process.

Producing this Sponsorship Proposal accurately and professionally is crucial if you want to make an excellent first impression. Remember – you need to make a very good impression from the outset if you are going to have and chance of becoming sponsored by the prospect you are approaching.

The best way to show you are professional is to use a template.

Why re-invent the wheel?

Use a template that is going to work and has been proven to work to achieve sponsorship. Further to this, using a template is going to save you considerable time, money and effort and present you in a much more professional light than simply drafting up your own application.

5 Advantages of Using this Template

There are many advantages to using a template to complete your Sponsorship Proposal.

1. Save Time

If you need more time, utilizing templates will save you significant time.

2. The document is already formatted

There is no need to have to waste time setting up a document from scratch. This template is formatted and ready to go. All you need to do is customize it to suit your needs.

3. Fully automated Table of Contents

This in itself saves significant time, reduces errors DRAMATICALLY and is so easy to use.

4. You won’t have to think about your proposal structure

Why reinvent the wheel? Use a template that is straight to the point and professional.

5. Look Professional

You will present yourself and organization professionally which will increase your chances of getting sponsored.

Review the Template Below

Title Page

The following is the Title page.

Sponsorship Proposal Template | Title Page

Table of Contents

The next page is the Table of Contents. There are 6 sections within the template. Within these 6 sections, there are typical items that you would include if you are applying for sponsorship or trying to raise sponsorship.

Sponsorship Proposal Template | Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The beginning starts with an Executive Summary that you can easily modify to suit your situation. It outlines what you should include in your Executive Summary.

This template comes with an example – Elite Tennis Sponsorship. You can use this example to base your proposal on.

Sponsorship Proposal Template | Executive Summary

Opportunities Matrix

Also included in section 4 is a detailed sponsorship opportunities matrix.

Sponsorship Proposal Template | Opportunities Matrix

Sponsorship Opportunity Detail

Section 5 provides a place to describe the different levels of sponsorship.

Sponsorship Proposal Template | Opportunities Detail

This is a detailed template that will assist you in creating a sponsorship template quickly and easily.

Letter Templates Included Free!

When you buy this Sponsorship Proposal Template we will include another 4 letter templates 100% free.

2 Request Letter Examples and 2 Thank-you letter examples.

These letter templates introduce your organization and also thank your funder for their sponsorship.

Request Letter Example

Sponsorship Proposal Template | Request Letter Example

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