A Procedure Manual Makes a Massive Difference to Your Business

Change your business today.

One thing I have noticed that dramatically reduces the stress and pressure of operating a small business and also dramatically improves business accuracy is having a procedure manual. This tool is invaluable to your small business.

If you haven’t got a procedure manual in your small business and you employ staff – stop everything you are doing and create one immediately. I cannot stress this enough.

Why are they so good?

If you set them up with plenty of accurate detail – your team will know exactly what is required. But there is too much detail you say? So what. Get stuck into it and add the detail. You know what – you can get your team to create it as well. As they perform a task – ask them to document it step by step.. Then add it to your procedure manual. How easy is that?

You know what – you probably need it too!

Everything is in your head right? All the steps required, all the correct ways of doing things etc etc.

What’s the point of it being all in your head? Get it out of your head – get it online or even in a book and let your team use the information you have in your head. Makes sense right?

Yes – it will take some effort to create a Procedure Manual – but you will reap massive rewards if you do it and persist in doing it and updating it as you go.

No excuse now – go and start it now. Procedure Manual Template.

5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Small Business


Improving your small business is not that hard. There are so many areas you can tackle easily and improvements are easy to achieve.

There are simple things you can do everyday to dramatically improve your small business.

If you are tired and worn out it will become difficult to make a difference in your business. Maybe start with a holiday and then come back refreshed and ready to go!

Check out these 5 steps below. I hope they assist you in building your business.

Step 1Deliver Quality Every Single Time

Customers love consistency. I know I do. I

want to receive what I paid for and if I return to purchase again, I expect to receive the same level of service or quality product.

If your small business isn’t delivering quality each time your customer base will be eroded overtime and you will be continually searching for new customers.

Train your staff to deliver to a high standard every time they do something.

Step 2Be Professional

Look at all aspects of your business and make each aspect professional. This is a no-brainer.


Telephone: On Hold Message? Do you even have one? If not – get one.


Website: What does it look like? Does it reflect your products or service? Is it professional looking or whacked together by some backyard web company? It isn’t hard to outsource this work these days and get professional results.

Even the templates you buy online make you look good.


Your Response to Customers: Are you enthusiastic every day? It makes a difference. If your customers can see you are passionate and enthusiastic it is infectious. Is your team motivated? If not – start motivating them. Encourage them and support them. Care about them as people – not just a number.These are just a couple of things that can improve the professional presentation of your business.

Step 3 Charge More

Are you charging low rates? If so – increase them by 30%. Make sure you deliver though. See how many customers you lose.

Be transparent with your customers and honest about how much you are going to charge them prior to charging them.

Step 4 Improve Your Attitude

If you turn up at work grumpy and lethargic – how do you think this will be reflected on your team? Chances are they will also be grumpy and lethargic. Work on yourself to improve yourself.

Get professional help in this area if you need to. There are so many options for this these days.

Step 5Push harder for progress

Everyday should be a push to get work completed, items sold or whatever you do. Achieve more by pushing hard all day. Don’t burn your team out – but work hard together as a team – helping one another and getting the job done.

Your profits will improve and your team will feel motivated to deliver efficiently, accurately and to the best of their abilities.

Small Mistakes Turn into Loss of Profits


Recently I went to get my car fixed at a Dealer. This was a premium dealer and not a backyard job.

The quote to get the car fixed was a significant amount of money so I expected a top level service and for the car to be repaired expertly.

However – I was to be disappointed.

The car came back with water in the coolant instead of coolant. There were grease marks all over the top cover of the engine – clearly something that wasn’t there before.

How did I feel?

2 Words – Ripped Off.


These types of business mistakes are inexcusable for premium providers. It makes me wonder if the mechanic who fixed it actually fixed it properly, has been trained appropriately and if they have an all important PROCEDURE MANUAL.

It’s not rocket science is it?

If you have staff in your business – you need to have a Procedure Manual. It is as simple as that. A procedure manual would have avoided the simple mistakes that were made on my car.

The combination of a little bit of training and the Procedure Manual go a long way into delivering a quality service. Obviously a premium dealer can afford to make mistakes.


However – a small or medium business cannot. This is why it is so important to make sure your team know the rules and follow the guidelines.

Yeah it may seem like a tedious job – but not as tedious as completing your resume and looking for work. Implement a Procedure manual in your business today and deliver the very best service you can – or expect your Customers to go elsewhere.