What’s in a Health and Safety Plan?

Health and Safety is critical for any project or workplace. No one needs health and safety issues.

The health and safety plan template contents will either create a problem for you or allow you to create your health and safety plan in a snap.

A new contractor was recently awarded a demolition project in a highly urbanized location. One of the requirements prior to issuance of necessary permits is the submission of a Health and Safety Plan.

No doubt you are aware that there are Health and Safety Plan Templates available online. They serve as reference in developing H & S Plan.

Template Contents

The H & S Plan (Health and Safety Plan) usually provides a combination of instructions, procedures, standards and requirements. These are provided for anyone involved in the project to follow.

Safety Plan Template
Safety Plan Template

It can provide a record for future reference so that anyone mobilized to the site even at a later date would be informed what transpired beforehand. Detailed information on certain issues and how they were dealt with will be useful for any new employee.

Specific Details of a Health and Safety Plan

Depending on the nature of the project, a typical H & S Plan may contain some of the following information. Health and safety plan template contents may include:

  • Client Information
    This may include details like name and business contact number of client or his authorized representative. Also other important services for medical, emergency numbers of local authorities.
  • Contractor Information
    Full name and address of the main contractor and subcontractor, if any.
  • Project Description
    Indicate complete description of the project and what type of contract and the contract amount.
  • Location
    Specify complete address of the construction site and landmarks.
  • Project Duration
    Actual start of work and estimated time of completion.
  • Project Design
    Relevant aspects on the design should include safety details.
  • Actual Project Site Layout
    Indicate actual location of structures like site office, fabrication shop, staging area, warehouse, etc.
  • Health and Safety Processes
    • Aspects on construction management, handling and control of project resources (incoming and outgoing workers, materials, equipment, subcontractors, etc.).
    • Procedural guidelines on how to carry out an investigation, report and suggest preventive measures on serious incidents or occupational illness that happens during the duration of the project.
    • Set up a system on how to communicate health and safety related information on a daily basis.
    • Construction site rules and regulations
  • As-built plans and site sketches
    Drawings and documents of what has been built.
  • Harmful construction materials and equipment
    Those needed to accomplish the work.
  • Fire Safety Plan
    Should include emergency procedures.
  • Relevant Training and Seminars
    Include documents indicating employees are equipped for emergencies.

Customization of the Health and Safety Plan

The contractor may modify depending on the realities in the job-site and what is called for in the contract as long as the Safety Plan conforms with industry standards.

It should be prepared before any construction work begins. Some States and Territories require a safety plan to be lodged with the local authority prior to any work commencing on site.

Whatever avenue you wish to take a Safety Plan will be a management tool and will protect your employees.

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