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Welcome !
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 16 reviews
Mar 5, 2024
 by Lee
Thank you!

Thank you! I love the document and it is perfect for what I am working on.

Jan 5, 2023
 by Joumana
Thank you

Thank you I have seen your YouTube videos and they have been a great help to me. Thanks.

Farai Mutambanengwe
Dec 15, 2022
 by Farai Mutambanengwe
Simple, hassle-free, effective!

Like other reviewers here, I too was looking for a no-frills Standard Operating Procedures template, and when I got to David's site, that was exactly what I saw, a purpose-made template that cuts to the chase and delivers exactly what any small business needs. Dave was also able to respond very quickly and generously to a peculiar request that I made via e-mail, so you can be assured there is a great human face behind the site 🙂 . Totally delighted with my purchase, and I strongly recommend these templates particularly for small and growing businesses looking to standardise their processes quickly.

Thank you Farai for your review. We appreciate it!

Sep 24, 2022
 by Ashley
Looking forward to using it.

I ordered the operations manual. Thank you so much! Looking forward to using it.

Thanks Ashley for your feedback. Much appreciated.

Jun 30, 2021
 by Amr

Dear David,
Thanks a lot. It was pleasure dealing with you.
Best Regards,

May 3, 2021
 by Tariq

You and your team have done an awesome job with the site and these templates. They are really useful and a time saver. I wish if you could divide them in different categories and have different bundles, it might be easier for users to navigate and decide which one to buy.
Anyway, awesome site, awesome content, and thank you for helping me out.
Best regards,

May 6, 2019
 by Racine
Cost Much Less Than Anything Else

My search for a procedures manual template took me several days. I was getting really worried when I would read articles that claimed that it takes a few months to write one.
Then, after perseverance, I ended up on this website where the template cost much less than anything else I found online.
At first, I thought it would be something very simple and basic. To my great surprise, it had everything I needed. This Procedures Manual Template will expedite the process of compiling one for your company while sustaining the quality.

Gary Thenbistle
Sep 1, 2013
 by Gary Thenbistle
Safety is a priority

Hi, Safety is a priority for us at all times. I managed to get hold of your template and create a Safety Plan in a few minutes instead of days! It certainly saved me considerable time. Thank you.
Gary Thenbistle
Canberra, Australia

Peter Wilson - Student
Aug 29, 2013
 by Peter Wilson - Student
Great! Case Study Template

I have looked all over the internet for a Case Study template that suited my needs and I am thankful that I found your website.
Your template mapped out my Case Study and I was able to simply enter my relevant information into it.
Thanks again and I recommend it to anyone that needs to save time and effort!

James Miles - President
Jul 1, 2013
 by James Miles - President
Already Started to Use the Template

I have already started to use the template and customize it to my specific needs.
I have looked all over the internet and your template is by far the easiest to use and modify.
Anyone who is looking to get a quick start on a procedure manual that is easy to modify and continuously update, would be well served to purchase your template as it is a “Real Bargain” at the price.
James Miles
Consolidated Community Management, Inc.
Tamarac, Florida

Apr 10, 2013
 by Sally-Ann
We are now sponsored!

Hi, I looked all over the internet for a sponsorship proposal template and finally found yours. We needed to approach companies in our area for sponsoring our dance club annual event.
We had no idea where to start and fortunately we found your website. The template helped us to get our ideas together and thankfully, we are now sponsored!
Allied Gardens

Bethany Smith
Mar 9, 2013
 by Bethany Smith

I downloaded your template and just wanted to let you know that for the price, it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks and good luck.
Bethany Smith
United States

Adam Grancell
Mar 9, 2013
 by Adam Grancell
Saving me tons of time

Buying something off the internet always comes with a certain amount of risk. I had full confidence buying this template from you because firstly it is through Paypal and secondly, you offer a 100% money back guarantee if I am not happy.
However, I didn't need to request a refund because it was perfect for my needs. Thank you for saving me "tons" of time!
Adam Grancell
Fast Project Systems

Sophia Lorel
Feb 10, 2013
 by Sophia Lorel
What a time saver

Getting sponsored is tough at the best of times. There is a lot of competition for limited amounts of money. Your template saved me a lot of time and the best thing is I could simply fill in the blanks to suit my club.
Sophia Lorel

Kelly Hill San Juan, PR
Sep 3, 2012
 by Kelly Hill San Juan, PR
Just what I needed

I have looked at other templates and I think people are missing out if they do not purchase this one.
Or - they are falling into the trap that they could be buying something they do not need. This template however gave me exactly what I needed to achieve sponsorship for our community event.
Kelly Hill San Juan, PR

Olivier Parker
May 5, 2012
 by Olivier Parker
Dramatically saved me time and effort

I needed a suitable sponsor to help me achieve my goals for athletics. I simply did not have the time to create my own sponsorship document. Using your template was a God-Send! It saved me lots of time and even though I still needed to approach several companies - I finally came to an agreement with a company and we are both very happy.
Thank you for your template as it has dramatically saved me time and effort and now I can concentrate on my athletics.
Olivier Parker
South Carolina

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