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Limited Usage Granted

It is illegal and strictly prohibited to distribute, publish, offer for sale,
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Limited Usage Granted

Each product has a single user license. Please purchase an additional product if you require more copies, for example to share templates with your colleagues.


You can change our products any way you like to suit your purpose. This includes changing the text, design, layout, logos etc.

Unauthorized Use

You may not copy our products, modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, website, digital device or other media and offer them for redistribution or resale without permission from Digital Documents Direct.


You may not sub-license, assign, or transfer this license without prior written consent from Digital Documents Direct.

Product Liability

Prior to using any templates, please consult with an attorney or other expert knowledgeable in the laws of the applicable jurisdiction and the specific intended use of those forms.

All templates and forms available for download through Digital Documents Direct are general in nature.

These templates are not based on the laws of any specific state or other jurisdiction. They should be used after first consulting with an attorney or other expert knowledgeable in the laws of the applicable jurisdiction and the specific intended use.

Digital Documents Direct has no Liability (and there is no Basis for any present or future action, suit, proceeding, hearing, investigation, charge, complaint, claim, or demand against any of them giving rise to any Liability) arising out of any injury to individuals or property as a result of the ownership, possession, or use of any product manufactured, sold, leased, or delivered by Digital Documents Direct.


You may not claim intellectual property rights to any of our products, modified or unmodified. All products are property of Digital Documents Direct.

Our products are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall Digital Documents Direct be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or other losses arising out of the use of or inability to use our products.

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While care has been taken to provide comprehensive information, the information on this internet site and its products have been made available for general use only and are provided without any express or implied warranty as to their accuracy or currency. All access to, and use of, the information is at the user’s risk.

The user should take all necessary precautions when using this material for their own purpose for its suitability and requirements under the applicable country they are using this material. will not be liable whatsoever for incidents that arise from improper use of material provided.

Refund Policy

Should you not be happy with your purchase we promise to refund your purchase price in full.

Refer to our Refund Policy for more information.

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