Mission Statement Template

If you don’t have a Mission Statement your business is going nowhere fast

Mission Statement Template

A Mission Statement is an important aspect of any business. It sets the direction for your team to follow. A true leader will set a positive and realistic Mission Statement and promote this throughout their business.

If you don’t have a Mission Statement, what does your business stand for? What is it trying to achieve? If you don’t know, then neither does your team.

This will then create an aimless business, reacting to whatever comes along.

  • A mission statement outlines the core goals and purposes of a company or organization in a clear and compelling manner.
  • It acts as a beacon of direction, describing the company’s underlying principles, main objectives, and intended clientele.
  • A properly-written mission statement serves as a guide for making decisions and developing strategies as well as conveying the identity and objectives of the firm to stakeholders and workers.
  • It captures the core values of the company, its distinctive value offer, and the uplifting contribution it aspires to make to society.

In the end, a mission statement directs all organization members toward a single goal, fostering cohesion, direction, and a feeling of shared purpose.

Relevant Mission Statement

What sort of Mission Statement should I have? What should it say?

It really depends on your business type.

For example, if you are a car mechanic, your Mission Statement isn’t going to be something like:

“We want to achieve humans on Mars in 5 years”

It just doesn’t make any sense. Your Mission Statement needs to be relevant to you and your business.

Mission Statement Template

Something more appropriate might be for example:

Our Mission Statement
“At Car Mechanic Name, we strive to provide quality and unequaled customer service as we aim to gain the respect and trust of our customers.”

Changes Noticed with a Mission Statement | Mission Statement Template

Mission statements have evolved significantly in terms of both substance and intent throughout time. Historically, mission statements were frequently long, formal, and entirely focused on the company’s product or service.

Modern mission statements, on the other hand, are short, motivating, and focused on the organization’s principles and social influence. The emphasis is now on defining a clear mission, outlining bigger aims, and representing the company’s commitment to sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility.

Furthermore, modern mission statements emphasize customer-centricity, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to addressing consumer demands and delivering meaningful experiences.

As companies appreciate the value of openness and authenticity, mission statements have developed to represent genuine goals and accurate depictions of the organization’s identity.

Mission statements are especially important in building a brand’s public image and interacting with socially conscious consumers in this digital age. Overall, mission statements have evolved into potent instruments for shaping organizational culture, inspiring stakeholders, and driving positive change in the world.

Mission Statement Template Examples

Below are some examples of some Mission Statements. You can use any of these for your business.

Our Mission Statement
At [Company Name], we strive to provide value-added services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them.

Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the our team.

Our Mission Statement
At [Company Name], we strive to be the most honest and ethical trade partner of choice. To provide superior service to our customers and foster a work environment that encourages new ideas, new innovations and growth.

Our Mission Statement
At [Company Name], our mission is to be the best at identifying, qualifying and delivering solutions and services that enhance our customers bottom line.

Our Mission Statement
At [Company Name], we strive to combine aggressive strategic marketing
with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best value for our customers.

Our Mission Statement
At [Company Name], we aim to be the best at what we do and deliver the best each and every time we do it.

Our Mission Statement
At [Company Name], we are passionate about “NAME” and love what we do. As a result we aim to be the leader in our industry and strive everyday to achieve this.

Our Mission Statement
At [Company Name], we foster strong relationships and build our business around this.

Our Mission Statement
At [Company Name], we continually aim to be the industry leader and continue to pursue innovation, excellence and quality through everything we are involved in.

Our Mission Statement
To advance the profession of “X” in the service of the shareholders interests and to provide leadership in the area of “X”.

Read about Mission Statements at this Wiki. Mission Statement

What about your Business?

Use a Mission Statement Template

So what is your Mission Statement? Will you be writing your own or use a Mission Statement Template?

Think about it carefully and change your business for the better. We include mission statement examples in our procedure manual and operation manual templates.

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