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Can you really afford to not monitor your team’s performance?

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Performance Review Template
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If you are not regularly reviewing your team, it is very likely that they are under-performing. As a result, profits are reduced.

It is a good idea to ensure that your team is performing to the best of their abilities. The only way to accomplish this is to conduct regular performance reviews. A performance review will highlight areas where they excel as well as areas where they need to improve.

Don’t underestimate the importance of conducting regular performance evaluations. This has enormous implications for your company. You’ll be surprised at how things change when you give your employees the opportunity to communicate.

Can you really afford under-performing employees in your company?

How are your Team Performing?

  • What happens when you leave the office?
  • Are they billing enough to cover their salary?
  • Do you even know?

If you are unable to answer these questions, you should be concerned. Wages for employees are one of the most expensive aspects of any business. You must understand how they are performing and whether they are costing or profiting you.

The only way to accomplish this is to conduct regular performance reviews. The best thing you can do is obtain a performance review template and implement it in your company.

Use a Performance Review Template

Communication is the most important factor when running a business. You already know that if you don’t communicate well with your customers they are likely to look elsewhere.

Why should it be any different for your staff?

Your staff are an important piece of the business puzzle. If you treat them poorly, then this is highly likely to be reflected to your customers or clients.

Performance reviews allow you to ‘drill down’ to the detail and investigate the reasons why your team members behave the way they do. They will also allow you to find out more about each individual team member.

Team members are just that – individuals – so you cannot treat them all the same as it simply will not work.

The last thing you need is your team treating your customers inappropriately. It makes perfect sense to look after your staff and communicate with them as much as you can.

A good Manager realizes this and adapts his or her approach to each individual differently.

7 Advantages of Performance Reviews in Your Business

Regular performance reviews will not only improve your team’s performance, it will also improve the bottom line of the business. There are huge advantages of regularly completing Performance Reviews with your team.

Here are 7 Advantages that are going to benefit you and your business immediately.

1. Instant, clear communication

The majority of issues in a business are due to communication breakdown. Improve this 1 aspect of any business and your profits will jump.

2. Finally have direction

No more aimless direction going around in circles. Your team members will now finally have a path to follow

3. Important feedback

Your team members will give you important feedback. This will allow you to make adjustments to your business – which could improve profits.

4. Find hidden problems

Your team that could be creating efficiency issues due to hidden disputes or personality clashes that you may not have been aware of. Reviewing every team member will allow you to find any hidden problems.

5. Feel more ‘valued’ and ‘worthwhile’

This should make them more loyal to your business. This prevents unnecessary rehiring of staff which is costly. Your team members will feel more ‘valued’ and ‘worthwhile’.

6. Establish goals

This should get them enthusiastic about achieving them. Ensure these goals are aligned with your business and you both win. Performance Reviews will allow your team members to establish goals.

7. Improved business all around

Every person within your organization will have clear goals, roles and job descriptions and you as a leader should be defining these principles in your business if you want it to be a success. Your business will operate much more efficiently and smoothly and your profits will improve.

Huge Time Saver Template

Using a Performance Review Template will ensure you have the right level of detail to complete an effective performance review. Using a template will also save you a lot of time.

Take a look at the following performance review template. The following page is the title page which can easily be customized for your business.

Performance Review Template - Title Page
Performance Review Template – Title Page

The first page allows you to review your team members and discuss how their performance is going.

Performance Review Template - Rating
Performance Review Template – Rating

Free Bonus No.1
Employment Contract Template

Purchase the Performance Review Template and we include the Employment Contract Template free. Use this tool in combination with the Performance Review Template to help guide your team in the right direction to meet your expectations.

Review some of the content below.

Title Page

Employment Contract Template - Title Page
Employment Contract Template – Title Page

Table of Contents

Below is the Table of Contents. This is a 19 page document.

Employment Contract Template - Table of Contents
Employment Contract Template – Table of Contents
Employment Contract Template - Table of Contents
Employment Contract Template – Table of Contents

This template is suitable for employing staff and is an essential document if you want to clearly define the rules in your business. The Table of Contents is fully automated using Microsoft Word table of contents feature. It is really simple to update and modify to suit your business.

Free Bonus No.2
Employee Code of Conduct Template

The second free bonus is the Employee Code of Conduct Template. Use this tool to set your expectations for your team. Review the content below.

Title Page

Employee Code of Conduct - Title Page
Employee Code of Conduct – Title Page

Table of Contents

Below is the Table of Contents. This is an 11 page template.

Employee Code Of Conduct - Table of Contents
Employee Code of Conduct – Table of Contents

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Employment Contractual Agreement Template
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Employee Code of Conduct Template
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To engage, motivate and lead your team, setting detailed expectations and guidelines is a recipe for success.

Save a huge amount of time using templates.

All the best with your business.



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