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Step by Step Procedure Manual Template

So no doubt you have purchased that type of furniture that you have to take home in a box and assemble yourself. Yep – not the greatest fun unless you like trying to interpret the instructions first.

However, did you notice the instructions are step by step. Do this first, then that, and finish it like this…

Obviously this is the simplest way to get through a complex task. Once little piece at a time. So – why should your business be any different? Step by step instructions in the form of a Procedure Manual is going to make your business operate more effectively and communicate the expectations to your team fast.

Step by Step for Complex Tasks

Just like any task, starting at the beginning and working through the task one step at a time will make the whole process much simpler. Getting this process in front of your team however could be a bit harder.

Getting them to use it even harder again. That is where the challenges come in. Making step by step instructions attractive enough that people love to use them.

Where to Start

As a lot of businesses are relatively complex, it is going to take significant effort to create step by step instructions for everything. However, it is a good idea because then your team will have a comprehensive reference tool.

If they have questions, they can simply refer to the detailed reference tool.The challenge is creating the manual and then using it. There are easier ways to do this.

You can start off with a Microsoft Word Procedure Manual and add all the relevant information into a simple file. This will quickly become detailed.

However it is a fast, simple and easy way to get started. Once things start getting too large to manage, then you could progress to an online system that allows you to create videos and add content. However, this is obviously going to become larger than Ben-Hur and you may need some sort of subscription based environment to do this.

Download our Templates Fast

If you need to get started straight away, then download our template and start getting your step by step procedures started immediately. There are several options to choose from.

Step by Step Procedure Manual Template
Step by Step Procedure Manual Template
Step by Step Procedure Manual Template
Step by Step Quality Manual Template
Step by Step Procedure Manual Template
Step by Step Standard Operating Procedure Manual Template

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