Procedure Manual Template Simple Version

Can your Business really afford NOT to have a Procedure Manual?

Procedure Manual Cover
Procedure Manual Template

This is a Simple Procedure Manual Template. If you want a more detailed version – Click Here

Do you really have the time to start your Procedure Manual from Scratch?
Save a colossal amount of time by downloading this template and create your procedure manual in minutes instead of months.

Procedure Manual = Repeat Clients

If your staff only know 40%, 50% or even 80% of what they should be doing correctly – imagine what your customers think? It is highly likely they are thinking – “Won’t be going there again……”

Think about it – if your staff make mistakes it affects your customers which in turn affects your bottom line.

Can your business afford this in such a competitive environment?

A procedure manual eliminates this problem and reduces the risk of your business failing.

Learn from Others Mistakes

I started a business probably just like you. Excited and enthusiastic about finally making some decent money for myself instead of filling my Boss’s pockets with cash.

It was a great feeling to finally be working for myself. Finally – the amount of money I made was directly proportional to how hard I worked. It felt great to be ‘in charge’ and to be the ‘Master of my Destiny’.

Then I got so busy I hired some staff……and all of a sudden, it got quite complicated.

My team had a mind of their own and things started getting done the way I knew was incorrect. This was a major problem.
They were delivering poor quality to my Clients – the Clients I had worked so hard for to get, and retain, over several years.
This was totally unacceptable.

The Solution – A Simple Procedure Manual Template

I desperately needed a solution before all my Clients went to my competitors. I needed to get back to basics and I needed to once again deliver the best quality – but this time deliver this quality through my staff. However, I couldn’t be everywhere at once. It was impossible. So what was the solution?

I then stumbled on the principle of a ‘Procedure Manual’ and thought it made perfect sense. I decided to implement this in my business as soon as I possibly could.

All I did was implement a Simple Procedure Manual Template.

Almost instantly I saw a massive improvement in the quality of work we were delivering as part of a team and the best part about it was that I had not had to work any harder.

Results Guaranteed

Before having a Procedure Manual it was extremely frustrating as my staff had their own ideas and would either forget what was required or simply didn’t think my way of doing things was important.

Just starting with a simple procedure manual template, I can honestly say it solved many things. My business has improved its service delivery dramatically and the bottom line has also improved.

7 Huge Advantages of having a Procedure Manual in Your Business

There is a lot to learn in any job role, and you can’t tell new employees everything in the first week. Even if you did – they would forget it within 10 minutes. You must find a solution to this problem as otherwise you will simply end up doing everything yourself.

There are massive advantages of implementing a Procedure Manual in any type of business. Here are 7 Advantages that are going to benefit you and your business immediately.

1. Instantly your business will become more efficient

Everyone will start doing things the same way.

2. Over time your profits will improve

Your team will be delivering their work more accurately.

3. You will have less work coming back

Mistakes directly impact your business.

(This is a major one – you must avoid mistakes at all costs. Even just a Simple Procedure Manual will assist in reducing the number of mistakes).

Don’t think mistakes matter? Make one mistake with a Client or Customer and see if they return to you for more work. They will only return if you have a strong relationship with them and you are proactive in not making the same mistake again.

4. Your team will feel more confident

They will be more enthusiastic because they will know ‘the full picture’ of their role.

5. Your team will know where to find things

They will have guidelines on what needs to be done.

6. The Craziness will Stop

You will stop having to run around like a ‘crazy person’ trying to keep control of your business.

7. A better Team Effort

You will no longer feel like you are the only one working hard while your staff ‘sit back’ and take it easy.

Implementing a Policy and Procedure Manual will allow you to simply hand the document to any new employees and advise them that it is a ‘Reference Tool’ that they need to follow.

Beat Your Competition with a Simple Procedure Manual Template

If you don’t have a Procedure Manual – chances are your competitors will. How can you compete with your competitors if you can’t even get your staff all on the ‘same page’?

A Procedure Manual is CRITICAL to get your business performing efficiently and accurately. Exactly what your Clients desire when working with you. You simply CANNOT afford not to have a Procedure Manual.

It is easy, download this Simple Procedure Manual Template and get started immediately.

Just Read What A Few Of Our Satisfied Buyers Have To Say….

Testimonial 1

This is the best money our company has spent since its inception almost 3 years ago. This manual was worth it if for nothing else but the Automatic Table of Contents. That alone made it worth the money, but it was more than that.

The basics that were already there got me started and it was easy to edit and make custom to our company. We have already had to fire an employee and our attorney told us that having them fired over non-compliance with company policy (with their signature on the policies in file) would help us if we ever had to fight an unemployment claim.

It’s great to finally have all policies in one place.

Also, the procedures will definitely free us up as owners to get more work done since we do not have to stop and explain the same procedures over and over again. Now we just refer to the manual.

Your price was AMAZING! I shopped for other manuals at $250-$500 and they looked too complicated and unnecessary too. Sometimes too much is just too much.

I’ve worked in human resources for years prior to opening our own business and this manual is more than sufficient for covering our needs and looking like a professional HR department created it.

Thanks for everything and for making it at a price that made me willing to try it because if it didn’t work, what did I lose.

Well it did work! Thanks so much!!!”

Cheryl B.

Testimonial 2

Dear David,
I have already started to use the template and customize it to my specific needs. I have looked all over the internet and your template is by far the easiest to use and modify.

Anyone who is looking to get a quick start on a procedure manual that is easy to modify and continuously update, would be well served to purchase your template as it is a “Real Bargain” at the price.

James Miles
Consolidated Community Management, Inc.
Tamarac, Florida

Testimonial 3

Your Procedure Manual Template got me motivated about implementing this very important document in my business. I procrastinated for so long, but now that it has been implemented I have seen a dramatic difference in the delivery of our products to our Clients.

Thank you for your Procedure Manual Template and for the encouragement to actually implement it. I am so glad I did.

Simon Black
Houston TX, USA

Eliminate Repetitive Queries from Your Team

Repetition Wastes Time

Ever hear the same question getting asked over and over again? And then a new employee starts and the same questions get asked YET AGAIN.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions, however, when the same question keeps getting asked, it becomes a HUGE WASTE OF TIME. Imagine how much money you are losing.

Whenever an employee has a question, you can simply say;

“Have you checked the Policy and Procedure Manual?”

You MUST get a Policy and Procedure Manual if you want your business to run smoothly, give you some time to yourself and dramatically improve the consistency of the quality of your work and services for your customers and clients.

A Procedure Manual Template Saves You Tons of Time

But Creating a Procedure Manual is too Much Work!

You are right. Creating a Procedure Manual is a lot of work. However, imagine if you start with a document that has 80% of the work already completed in it? This is going to save you significant time, effort and stress.

Check out this Procedure Manual template below. If you are a small or medium size business, then this template is going to suit you. You can customize this document to suit your business.

Typical items in a Policy Manual include all the issues that need to be addressed by team members like, time sheets, keeping your desk or workplace tidy and protocols for maintaining a professional service.

A Procedure Manual on the other hand identifies each step of a task. You need to document every task that your team performs. For example, the template that you can download below shows you a typical example of how to clean a meeting room.

There are several other generic procedures that would apply to any other business.

Take a Look at the Detailed Contents

Sample Views

The following images are the first 4 pages of the manual.

The following page is the title page.

Image of Procedure Manual Template Title Page
Procedure Manual Template Title Page

Check out the Table of Contents below.

Image of Procedure Manual Template Table of Contents Page 1
Procedure Manual Template Table of Contents Page 1
Procedure Manual Template Table of Contents Page 2
Procedure Manual Template Table of Contents Page 2

This page is the first page. This page is the introduction to your business and also has a section to state your Mission Statement.

Procedure Manual Template Mission Statement Page
Procedure Manual Template Mission Statement Page

It is important that you have a Mission Statement for your business to provide direction for your team and show leadership to your suppliers, clients, customers and staff.

There are also examples of Procedures that you can customize to suit your business.

Procedure Manual Template Procedure Example
Procedure Manual Template Procedure Example

This is a detailed Procedure Manual Template.

More Comments from Satisfied Buyers….

Testimonial 4

I was looking for some guidance on writing an OHS Policy as part of my training and found myself fretting as there was NOTHING on the net specific to my needs for this policy, let alone good and relevant information.

That was until I came across this website called

WOW my prayers were answered. THIS IS EXACTLY what I was looking for! This is AN OUTSTANDING AND QUALITY document AND easy to understand.

It has EVERYTHING you need for a policy and the detail is exceptional. IT IS QUALITY!! There was nothing left out. So thank you so, so much.

This was an AWESOME guide for me and tailored it to my specifications and got a distinction in my grades. God bless you David! Thanks again.

Mary Hanna
Sydney, Australia

Testimonial 5

My search for a procedures manual template took me several days. I was getting really worried when I would read articles that claimed that it takes a few months to write one.

Then, after perseverance, I ended up on this website where the template cost much less than anything else I found online.

At first, I thought it would be something very simple and basic. To my great surprise, it had everything I needed. This Procedures Manual Template will expedite the process of compiling one for your company while sustaining the quality.


Check Out Some More Features

Check out some more features of this Procedure Manual Template package. There are a lot of files and you will be able to set up a comprehensive manual for your business.

 Company Details and Environment

Procedure Manual Template Company Details
Procedure Manual Template Company Details

This is a 63 Page Document.

How can Your Business Possibly Survive Without a Procedure Manual?

System Based Business’ Perform Better

There are so many businesses around that do not have any system documents in place. Chances are the business owner is simply concentrating on keeping the business afloat – let alone implementing system procedures in their business.

This is a recipe for disaster.

I often wonder how on earth those business owners maintain their sanity? How could you possibly run a successful business without a Procedure Manual or documents that allow you to run your team effectively?

A system can be applied to any business in any industry sector. This is a detailed Procedure and Policy template. You can purchase this template using Paypal.

What is Included?

Document Type
MS Word


Easy, Quick, Efficient…..DONE

Our templates are incredibly easy to use and apply. Simple use MS Word to find and select the information that needs changing to customize it to your business needs.

Red Highlights
To assist you in customizing the template quickly and easily, all items that need changing to suit your business are highlighted in red. You can simply use the Find and Select tool in MS Word (Ctrl+H) to identify all relevant items in one hit and replace instantly. What could be easier?

Find, Select and Replace
Find, Select and Replace to customize to suit your business

 Guaranteed 100% or Money Back

We offer a full 100% money back guarantee no questions asked if you are not satisfied.

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Paypal is a secure and trusted method of payment.

You can purchase through Paypal and be confident that you are dealing with a trusted supplier – or your money back. Paypal Guarantees it.

You will be able to download the Documents immediately after purchase.


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Instant Download – 24 Hours A Day – 7 Days A Week – 365 Days A Year

Paypal Verified

Using templates saves a huge amount of time.

All the best with your business.




 This is a simplified version of the Procedure Manual Template. If you want a more detailed version – Click Here

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