Feeling Worn Out? Delegating Tasks and Improving Your Business

Delegating Tasks

Small and medium business owners work hard for their money. However, they may not necessarily need to.

Delegation is one of those tricky things that needs to be applied with skill and perseverance. Are you a control freak or so relaxed anything could happen?

Delegating Tasks
Delegating Tasks

The key to success is to be aware of your own capabilities, delegate everything you can but maintain control. This means utilizing systems to maintain that control you need to ensure quality across your business.

Check sheets are a simple and effective tool that ensure your team are meeting the required standards.

Basic Example

Let’s look at a basic example: Selling a car

You are a car yard owner and employ staff to help you sell cars.

Your wholesale cars come in from the Auctions and you need your team to prepare them for sale. How easy is it to produce a check sheet that they need to follow to ensure the car is ready for sale?

It could be something like:

1. Take the car to the wash bay and vacuum the inside first. CHECK.

2. Once it is vacuumed inside, wash the outside. CHECK.

3. Once clean, check all the lights to see if they are operational. CHECK.

4. etc etc

You get the idea I am sure……This could be applied to almost any type of business.

A Difference to Your Workload

A simple list written out for your team members makes a HUGE difference to your own workload.

OK, you will have to spend some time writing out the list and adjusting it. But hey – why should you do this?

Get Your Team to Help

Get your employees to create the list as well and review it with them. They will likely enjoy the experience and feel proud that they are involved in ensuring your business is running smoothly.

If you don’t have some sort of check sheet for your team – what are they checking their work against?

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to complete during the day – remember to delegate and use check lists to ensure quality.

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