3 Ways to Improve Your Bakery Fast – Work Smart and Hard

The performance of your bakery is crucial to your mental health and well-being. Don’t spend time suffering and tolerating poor performance.

Improve Your Bakery Fast

Need to improve your bakery fast? Looking to improve the performance of your bakery and need to do it before the whole thing collapses?

If you are at that point, there could be some serious problems. However, don’t despair – it is totally salvageable. Here we talk about 3 things that will turn your bakery around quickly.

There is no point in having a bakery that is performing under your expectations. It’s just not worth the effort. So let’s take a look at what might help you fast.

3 Ways to Improve Your Bakery Fast

Improve Your Bakery Fast
Improve Your Bakery Fast

Fast Improvement No. 1: Raise Your Prices

If you are struggling to make profit, struggling to pay the rent or struggling to pay yourself – you must raise your prices now. Do it.

  • You have no excuse to not raise your prices. Maybe I hear you saying – but no one will buy if I raise prices – or my competitor down the road is cheaper. So what. Are they gonna care when you go under? Unlikely.
  • Raise your prices so they are higher than your competition.
  • Add value to every product you sell.
  • Take pride in your work and up-sell everything.
  • Make sure your bakery, shop front and everything associated with it presents extremely well.
  • Keep your prices high. It is mandatory to survive.

This might sound aggressive, however you need to ensure your survival and having cheap prices with poor service is not the answer.

Fast Improvement No. 2: Become a Jedi Delegator

Learn how to delegate like a Jedi. Become a Jedi Delegator. This is crucial to the performance of any small business. Stop doing things yourself and start delegating absolutely everything in your business. If there is no one to delegate to – hire someone and take the initial hit.

Improve Your Bakery Fast
Become a Jedi Delegator

Delegation is the only way to take the load off you personally – so you must do it. It is a mandatory thing. You can’t do everything as business owner.

OK, I hear what you are saying – No one does it like I do. No one understands how to do it my way. I can’t get hold of competent team members.

There is so much information online about delegation. However one of the most effective books you can read about delegation is One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey. Definitely an easy to read book and helps significantly if you have issues with delegation.

Essentially is is about visualizing that any task is a monkey and the monkey can be on your back or on your employees back. The best thing you can do is keep the monkeys on other people’s backs. Well worth a read.

This leads me to the next item below. Read on.

Fast Improvement No. 3: Get an Employee Handbook Fast

Can’t find competent staff? No-one can do it as good as you? Maybe you are a bit of a perfectionist? Aren’t we all?

The answer to this problem – and it is a massive problem in small business – is to get an Employee Handbook and get it fast.

This is the NUMBER 1 tool when operating ANY business.

Improve Your Bakery Fast
Improve Your Bakery Fast

Your bakery’s success is heavily reliant on the quality of its employees. Your company will thrive if its employees are well-informed, knowledgeable, and well-trained.

An Employee Handbook is a low-cost way to improve all aspects of your bakery quickly. You need this tool to communicate your expectations as a business owner to everyone in your business. You can’t repeat yourself every time someone joins your business. You simply don’t have time.

You’re short on time and can’t be everywhere at once.

A Bakery Employee Handbook is a low-cost bakery partner who can assist you in improving performance, communicating expectations, and propelling your bakery forward.

You cannot survive and stay sane without one.

Check out our Bakery Employee Handbook Template while you are here.

Improve Your Bakery Fast
Improve Your Bakery Fast

All the best with your bakery. I hope it succeeds.

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