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Restaurants are notoriously difficult to operate. An essential tool is a Restaurant Employee Handbook. Create your handbook using a Restaurant Employee Handbook Template and save time and money so you can concentrate on your customers and restaurant.

Restaurant Employee Handbook Template + Free Templates

Restaurant Employee Handbook Template
Download a Restaurant Employee Handbook Template

Getting your team under control is a priority. After-all, it’s your restaurant and you are responsible for everything that goes on there. An Employee Handbook communicates your expectations. Ensure you enforce it and your restaurant will operate better.

Restaurant Employee Handbook – Communicate the Rules

Your employees must have ‘guideposts’. If they don’t, they will run all over you and your business and before you know it you will be a crying mess. When working in your restaurant, your employees need specifics about what is acceptable and what isn’t. They also need you to take charge and enforce the employee handbook.

An Employee Handbook is great because it provides them with the knowledge they require when working with the team and it saves you bucket-loads of time – something you don’t have.

When working in your restaurant, your employees need specifics about what is acceptable and what isn’t.

It is one of the best tools you can create because no doubt, team members are getting replaced faster than you can prepare the desserts. Casual staff, non-permanent staff, staff on visa – the list goes on and on.

Often restaurants are a revolving door for staff so you must have a tool to help you repeat yourself, because no doubt that is what you are already doing – repeating yourself over and over again.

Create a handbook using a Restaurant Employee Handbook Template

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Someone has been there already. In fact, many people have. Save time and effort by using an employee handbook template. This will allow you to jump ahead and get together a foundation for your employee handbook quickly and efficiently.

You can add to it, customise it and make it your own. But whatever you do, make sure you enforce it. It will never be finished so the most important thing is to start it.

Section 1 – Welcome!

It is a good idea to welcome new employees to your restaurant. Something like this might suit. Below are some basic sections you could start with or download this Restaurant Employee Handbook Template.

Welcome to Restaurant Name

Welcome to our [Restaurant Name]!

We are delighted to have you as a member of our team and as a member of our culinary family. This Restaurant Employee Handbook is your resource for learning about our company’s beliefs, expectations, and policies.

Whether you are a seasoned industry veteran or just starting out, this handbook is meant to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in your work and contribute to the outstanding dining experience we deliver our customers.

History of This Restaurant

A brief history of your company is also a good idea. Maybe something like this.

[Restaurant Name] started in [Year Started]. Outline a brief explanation of your restaurant history.

Communication is the key to the success of this business. Owners and Managers believe that keeping the communication channels open throughout the whole business assists everyone to perform their job accurately and efficiently.

Our Vision and Mission Statement of this Restaurant

Your Vision gives your company direction. Your Mission Statement drives the company. It is what you do to reach your objectives.

An example Mission Statement could be:

At [Restaurant Name], we strive to provide distinctive quality and unequaled customer service as we aim to gain the respect and trust of our customers, suppliers and partners.

Customer Fulfillment and Core Values

Customer fulfillment is our goal for every customer.

  • How do we best serve our customers?
  • How do we manage expectations and keep our customers happy?
  • How can we ensure that at the end of each day, we have inspired “raving fans” eager to spread the word about our exceptional, food, skills, talents, and remarkable customer service?

At [Restaurant Name] we have adopted a set of core values that guide our behaviour which underpins our business and sets the foundation for who we are, how we operate and how we treat others.

You can then add your core values.

Restaurant Employee Handbook Template
Customer Fulfillment and Core Values

Section 2 – General Restaurant Details

Create a table that includes all the company details that your employees need to know. Things like, Street Address, Mailing Address, Post Box Address and Telephone number are just some of the basics. Below are some basic sections you could start with or download this Restaurant Employee Handbook Template.

General Restaurant Details

Below are the general details of the restaurant. Please refer to these whenever you require this information.

Address, Telephone and Restaurant Details

Street AddressAddress
Mailing AddressAddress
Post Box AddressAddress
WebsiteWebsite Address
Address, Telephone and Restaurant Details

Structure and Team Members

Create another table that shows who is who in the organization.

Who am I working with? The following table outlines all employees of [Restaurant Name].

Restaurant ManagerName
Bar ManagerName
Structure and Team Members

Roles and Expectations

Talk about roles and responsibilities. Something like this is a start.

What is my role and how does it contribute towards the goals of [Restaurant Name]?

  • Provide high level of customer service at all times to ensure continuous improvement and accountability in the delivery of specify restaurant type to customers.
  • Ensure a strong focus on maintaining a high standard of results and continuous improvement.

There are many more things you can add to this section. Consider our template and get your employee manual underway in minutes instead of months!

Section 3 – Team

Team policies, expectations and guidelines are a major part of any handbook. Make sure you cover all items and ensure there is adequate detail. Below are some basic sections you could start with or download this Restaurant Employee Handbook Template.

Employee Benefits & Policies

We at [Restaurant Name] understand the value of creating a supportive and fulfilling work environment for our valued team members. Our employee benefits and policies are intended to promote your well-being and professional development.

We provide a variety of advantages, such as competitive pay packages, health and wellness programmes, and prospects for advancement. We are dedicated to encouraging a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that you have the time and tools to live a satisfying personal life while doing well in your role.

Furthermore, our policies specify our expectations for behaviour, teamwork, and adherence to safety requirements, resulting in a pleasant environment in which every team member may thrive. We think that by providing comprehensive benefits and clear policies, we can foster an environment in which you may grow.

Please refer to our detailed policies located at [Location Name].

Employee Code of Conduct

At [Restaurant Name], we expect all team members to operate professionally, respectfully, and with integrity at all times, both with colleagues and with our valued visitors.

We are dedicated to fostering a good and inclusive work atmosphere that values courtesy, teamwork, and adherence to safety and hygiene requirements.

Restaurant Employee Handbook Template
Reporting Relationships | Restaurant Employee Handbook Template

Dress Code

At [Restaurant Name], our dress code reflects our commitment to presenting a professional and consistent image to our guests.

Each shift, team members are expected to arrive dressed in neat, well-maintained uniforms provided by the restaurant.

Proper attire comprises [particular description of uniform components, such as chef coats, aprons, or server uniforms], which should be worn neatly and appropriately for your function.

Furthermore, we want all team members to maintain appropriate personal hygiene and grooming practices in order to portray a clean and polished image while representing our establishment. Following our dress code helps to make a good first impression and contributes to the overall dining experience we provide for our customers.

Absence & Tardiness Policy

Punctuality and frequent attendance are critical to our restaurant’s seamless running and providing outstanding service to our visitors. Team members must come on time for their planned shifts and be regularly present, as stipulated in their employment agreement.

In the event of an unavoidable absence or tardiness, team members must tell their supervisor or manager as soon as feasible. Repeated or unexplained absences and tardiness may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination, because they interfere with our capacity to offer excellent service and effectively support our team members.

We understand that unforeseen events might emerge, and we are committed to dealing with individual situations in a fair and understanding manner while guaranteeing the future success of the organization.

Protocols for Communication

The following methods are used to communicate throughout our organization.

Notice BoardThe Notice Board allows team members to share information.Specify Location
IntranetThe Company Intranet allows team members to share information.Specify URL
MeetingsMeetings (Includes times, agendas and minutes).Locations Vary
CalendarElectronic Calendar – Day to day location of team members.Specify URL
Web Based AppsThe company uses the following Restaurant Management Apps.Specify URL
Protocols for Communication

Section 4 – Health and Safety

Health and Safety are very important and it is important to include many details of this in your Restaurant Employee Handbook. Below are some basic sections you could start with or download this Restaurant Employee Handbook Template.

Safe Work Practices

What are the safe working practices that I need to be following?

[Restaurant Name] will provide a healthy and safe workplace for all employees and visitors.
Safety is a joint venture at [Restaurant Name]. [Restaurant Name] provides a clean, hazard free, healthy, safe environment in which to work in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Emergency Procedures

This section covers the action to be taken in calling for assistance for various emergencies. Those attending to patients should use discretion in assessing the seriousness of the injury so that appropriate action can be taken.


Accidents involving personal injury, or the possibility MUST be reported immediately to your Restaurant Manager. If medical costs or lost time is involved, team members are responsible for completing their Workers’ Compensation Report Forms which are available from your Restaurant Manager.

Section 5 – Workplace Equipment

Workplace equipment is expensive and can also be dangerous. It is important you identify this to all new team members when they first start and train them properly in their role prior to using any equipment. Below are some basic sections you could start with or download this Restaurant Employee Handbook Template.


At [Restaurant Name], we think that investing in the growth and development of our team members is critical to maintaining our culinary expertise. Our extensive training programme is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your career. We are committed to helping you succeed whether you are starting as a waiter, cook, barman or in any other role.

You will be provided with the correct training to perform your role. Do not operate equipment until you have been trained. Training occurs every [specify day] at [specify time].

Workplace Equipment

We understand that having the correct tools and equipment is critical to completing your work effectively and safely at [Restaurant Name]. Our dedication to quality extends to the upkeep and availability of high-quality workplace equipment, whether you’re in the kitchen, behind the bar or serving our loyal customers.

Do not operate equipment until you have been trained. Equipment is replaced on a regular basis to keep the company at the forefront of technology.

Employee Procedures Introduction

You should also add relevant procedures for employees to follow.

This Employee Handbook outlines specific tasks and step by step process you are required to do to get your job done. As this is quite detailed, you are required to have a copy of this document with you while working.

Restaurant Employee Handbook Template + Free Employee Code of Conduct Template + 26 x Free Quality Checklists

Restaurant Employee Handbook Template
Download a Restaurant Employee Handbook Template

Section 6 – Summary

Then write a summary about the employee handbook. Below are some basic sections you could start with or download this Restaurant Employee Handbook Template.

Restaurant Employee Handbook Summary

This concludes the Employee Handbook. Please keep a copy of this Employee Handbook so you can refer to it on a daily basis.

This Employee Handbook is a comprehensive resource that exemplifies our dedication to hospitality excellence and lays the groundwork for your success as a member of our team.

It encapsulates our culinary family’s basic beliefs, expectations, and policies, as well as the policies that guide our everyday operations. This manual serves as your compass from the moment you walk into our facility, providing clarity on everything from our service standards to safety regulations.

We believe that our success is a reflection of our team members’ enthusiasm and dedication, and this handbook is your key to being a vital part of our objective to providing great food, service, and hospitality to our valued guests.

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