How to Use a Sample Standard Operating Procedure Template to Write SOP Documents

While a sample standard operating procedure template will ensure that you are following the correct format for your SOP document, you will still have to undertake the hard work of writing it.

Standard Operating Procedure Template + 50 Free Templates

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Sample Standard Operating Procedure Template

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to write a standard operating procedure document using an SOP template.

  1. Define your objective….
    Make sure you understand what the procedure you are describing is and what the end-goal will be. Sample procedures for which an SOP can be generated include testing for a particular impurity or writing a contract.
  2. If you are writing with a team…
    recruit your members and organize your team. Start to assign tasks to every member and be sure that everyone understands what they are required to do.
  3. Meet with your team…
    to review the sample standard operating procedure template so that they will know how the SOP document will be written. Every team member should also be provided with their own copy of the template so that they can study it further and use it when they start to write their part of the SOP.

3 More Points

  1. Start to gather information…
    Make a list of the data that has to be gathered to write the SOP and then divide it among team members. Assign deadlines for completing the data-gathering phase of the SOP writing process.
  2. Write the SOP…
    once all the data has been gathered. Nominate one member of the team to serve as an editor who will oversee the writing and put the SOP document together once all of the writing has been submitted.
  3. Examine and test…
    the SOP to ensure that the procedure described is accurate and can actually be performed using the instructions given. Keep in mind that an SOP is specifically aimed at people who are going to be performing the procedure for the first time and they should be able to perform the task described even if they are not familiar with it.

Final 3 Points

  1. Finalize the SOP…
    document by producing a finished draft and submit it to management for approval.
  2. Distribute the SOP…
    document to the personnel concerned.
  3. Periodically update…
    the standard operating procedure as required. If new technology is introduced or a new procedure is implemented, rewrite the SOP document to reflect these changes. Make sure that the sample standard operating procedure template is still being followed in the revised document to ensure conformity with the original.

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