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A step-by-step procedure is a comprehensive series of instructions explaining how to carry out a certain task or attain a specific objective. It is also referred to as a process or method.

It simplifies challenging processes into smaller, more manageable phases, making it simpler for people to follow and successfully finish the process. Step-by-step procedures are collated into a Procedure Manual.

Step by Step Procedures – Just Provide Instructions

Flat Pack Furniture with No Words?

So no doubt you have purchased that type of furniture that you have to take home in a box and assemble yourself. Yep – not the greatest fun unless you like trying to interpret the instructions first. Some of these even have no words. That makes it even more challenging.

However, did you notice the instructions are step by step. Do this first, then that, and finish it like this…

Obviously this is the simplest way to get through a complex task. Once little piece at a time.

So – why should your business be any different? Step by step instructions in the form of procedures all combined into a Procedure Manual is going to make your business operate more effectively and communicate the expectations to your team fast.

Step by Step for Complex Tasks as Well

Steps Simplify the Process

Just like any task, starting at the beginning and working through the task one step at a time will make the whole process much simpler. Getting this process in front of your team however could be a bit harder.

Make step by step instructions attractive enough that people love to use them.

Getting them to use it is even harder again. That is where the challenges come in.

Making step by step instructions attractive enough that people love to use them.

Where to Start – Free, Paid or Subscription Based

As a lot of businesses are relatively complex, it is going to take significant effort to create step by step instructions for everything. However, it is a good idea because then your team will have a comprehensive reference tool.

If they have questions, they can simply refer to the detailed reference tool. The challenge is creating the manual.

Procedure Manual Template + 44 Free Templates

Can you really afford to operate your company without a Policy and Procedure Manual? Read more about our Procedure Manual Template here.

Start from the Beginning – Free Procedure Manual Template

You could start off with a Free Procedure Manual Template and add all the relevant information into a simple file. This will quickly become detailed.

Buy a MS Word Procedure Manual Template

You could purchase a Microsoft Word Procedure Manual Template and customize it to suit your business. This will also quickly become detailed.

However an MS Word Procedure Manual is an easy way to get started. Once things start getting too large to manage, then you could progress to an online system that allows you to create videos and add content.

Use a Subscription Based Service

Once things get too big, you could transfer over to some sort of subscription based environment. There are numerous systems online to do this.

Steps to Create Step-by-Step Procedures

The following is a process you can use to create step by step procedures.

A small boy standing at the bottom of a large number of stairs. Step-by-Step Procedures - One Step at a Time
Step-by-Step Procedures – One Step at a Time

Identify the Task or Process

  • Clearly define the task or process you want to document. Ensure you have a complete understanding of what needs to be accomplished.

Break Down the Task

  • Divide the task into smaller, sequential steps. Each step should represent a specific action or decision that needs to be taken to move forward.

Organize the Steps

  • Arrange the steps in a logical order. The sequence should make sense and guide the reader from the beginning of the process to the end.

Use Clear and Concise Language

  • Write each step using simple and easy-to-understand language. Avoid jargon and technical terms unless your audience is familiar with them.

Include Necessary Details

  • Provide all essential details for each step. Include specific measurements, tools, software, or equipment needed to complete the task. Be precise.

Use Action Verbs

  • Start each step with an action verb, indicating what the reader needs to do. For example, “Click,” “Enter,” “Select,” etc.

Add Warnings or Notes (if applicable)

  • If there are potential pitfalls or common mistakes, include warnings or notes within the appropriate steps to alert the reader.

Include Visuals (if applicable)

  • Use diagrams, flowcharts, images, or videos to supplement the text. Visual aids can enhance understanding, especially for complex tasks.

Review and Revise

  • Proofread the procedure to eliminate errors. Make sure the steps are in the correct order and are easy to follow. Revise the procedure if needed.

Test the Procedure (if applicable)

  • If possible, have someone who is unfamiliar with the task follow the procedure. Their feedback can reveal areas of confusion or steps that need further clarification.

Document the Procedure

  • Store the procedure in a format that is easily accessible to the relevant audience. This could be a physical document, a digital file, or a part of an online knowledge base.

Provide a Conclusion or Next Steps (if applicable)

  • If the task leads to subsequent actions, outline what the reader should do next or where they can find more information.

Remember, the key to a good step-by-step procedure is clarity. It should be so clear that someone unfamiliar with the task can follow the steps and successfully complete it.

Download our Templates Fast

If you need to get started straight away, then download our templates and start getting your step by step procedures started immediately. There are several options to choose from.

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