What is a Case Study and How do you Write a Great One?

A case study is typically a document that presents a problem and provides solutions. It can be hypothetical (made up) or real world.

Case Study Template + Free Marketing Checklist Template

Case Study Template
Case Study Template

What is a Case Study?

This type of document is used to present the problem and then go about analyzing the problem and providing real world solutions to the problem. It can be used in many different scenarios.

A case study is an account of an activity, event or problem that contains a real or hypothetical situation and includes the complexities you would encounter in the workplace.

Case Studies Find out Information

Case studies are used to help you see how the complexities of real life influence decisions.

The purpose of a case study is to find out information – information that provides answers from the evidence that is available to you. If you need to write a case study, you should use a case study template to make your job easier.

There is nothing like reinventing the wheel. Chances are someone has already done what you are about to do.

What will a Case Study do to you?

What is a Case Study

It is likely to make your brain hurt!

However – as they say, no pain no gain. So get ready to activate that brain in your head and make use of it. A case study will make you think. It will force you to investigate the information you have to analyze solutions and results.

What does a good Case Study have in it?

What is a Case Study

If you want to make a good case study – then consider these excellent points that you should include in your case study to make it better than the ordinary ‘Joe Blow’ Case study.

Real Life

It is a real life snapshot. In other words, it is real world – taken from the real world and not made up.

Think Deeper

It makes the reader think more deeply about the situation and has many parts to it. You are going to challenge the reader. You have already put significant thought into what you are presenting and the situation and you then need to communicate this in your case study.

It is Detailed

It provides detailed information and is not simply a brief summary of the event or situation being investigated.

What is a Case Study

It is Believable

The reader can see that it is believable and not made up. It has real context in a real world situation or workplace.

What is a Case Study

Conclusion in Your Case Study

The purpose of a Case Study is to draw conclusions. To present information in a way that gives the reader facts and realistic analysis of the event, situation or whatever it is you are analyzing.

This means that you have come to a point where you have been able to analyze all of the information and provide a real and accurate response. You will have practiced applying your knowledge to a real situation that is believable.

So get to it – get started on writing your case study. Utilize a Case Study Template if you need to. Just make sure you analyze the situation well. Don’t hold back on the detail and get stuck into any information you can get your hands on to support and strengthen your analysis.

This will ensure your case study hold weight and is convincing.

Got something to say?

Do you have any comments regarding a Case Study or your experience in writing a good case study? Do not hesitate to leave them below. We love comments.

Case Study Template + Free Marketing Checklist Template

Case Study Template
Case Study Template

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