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Position Descriptions for Your Business

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Some people say that position descriptions limit people’s ability to achieve their best. If people have a dedicated description, then they will only perform in accordance with that description.

This would really depend on the type of business you have, your ambitions as the business owner and the type of team you have. If you want to conquer the world, them maybe positions descriptions don’t fit your business. However if you want a small business that operates smoothly and just provides income for the owner and the team, then position descriptions are going to help in a huge way.

Let’s face it. There are millions of small businesses out there that do just that. Provide income and lifestyle for many people. So maybe don’t get distracted by the business gurus that want an international corporation and just focus on your small business and position descriptions.

Position Description Template

A position description template is going to save you a ton of time creating position descriptions. It is important to write a position description in the right way. This is because it leaves an impression to the reader.

This article describes the importance of a position description and how a position description template can be a helpful tool.

What is a Position Description?

A position description or a job description is a form or a guideline. It enumerates and explains the tasks and responsibilities of a job position. Having these descriptions is recommended to avoid any misconceptions about a certain position.

It can set a boundary between one role and another.

Position Title
Position Title

Writing a position description is not easy especially if you are limited to only the important details. This is where a position description template becomes handy.

Templates are available over the internet in a range of many formats or structures. The following section describes parts of a typical position description template.

Position Title and How it Applies

The Position Title pertains to the title of the job position. It is also necessary to have the titles different from one another to avoid any complicated issues in the future.

How do you feel about having a job title or position title?

Regardless of what you believe regarding position descriptions, think about your team. It is highly likely they want to climb the corporate ladder, progress to a good position or earn more money.

Having these position titles or job titles set a path for them to follow and allows your team to set goals and achieve the best they can.

Role Description

The role description outlines the primary responsibility of the person and is similar to a summary. It may be a broad statement about responsibilities of the person in their everyday tasks.

Salary Bracket

The salary bracket highlights an upper and lower figure for the particular role. This may be more applicable to large corporate companies that employ many people. However, don’t under estimate how this can motivate your staff to perform well.

Salary Bracket
Salary Bracket

Some people are driven by earning more and if you the business owner can provide the right environment for people to excel and not only get better at what they do but also earn more money for the company, then communicating the expectations of getting rewarded will help.

Employment Type

Position Description Tasks
Tasks – Who is Doing What

Next is the Employment Type which determines whether the position is full-time or contractual. This is relatively straightforward.

You can outline this in the position description however this is likely to be for individuals depending on their circumstances and reasons you have employed them.

Everyday Tasks

This is a list of tasks that are performed on a regular basis. It should be detailed and descriptive and list out a large amount of tasks that are required by a person in the position.

Professionalism and Abilities

This can be a range of areas that should be listed such as expectations of behavior, time management, quality and efficiency. These guidelines are important to communicate to staff so they have realistic expectation of what is required of them.

General Items

Communication is the key
Communication is the key

General items can include things such as working hours, leave entitlements, performance review periods and other aspects that communicate the detail to the person in the position.

This will also link in with the contract the person may have been employed with.

Communication is the Key

Position descriptions provide the reader details about a job position. This is useful not only in the recruitment process, but also in performance management reviews. This tool is extremely useful as a communication tool.

So many business have issues because they fail to communicate well to their team. Position Descriptions are just one of the essential items of providing excellent communication to your employees and are essential for any business striving for quality and success.

Position Description Template

What is a position description template? Basically a template that outlines each task required of a person in your business. You could easily use something like MS Word to create a position description for your team.

There are also plenty of places online where you can purchase a position description template that would allow you to create position descriptions fast and with minimal effort.

Read more about a Position Description Template at this link > Position Description Template.

Your Thoughts?

What about you? Do you have position descriptions in your business or do you have a business with limited hierarchy?

Maybe you believe position descriptions are a waste of time? Have you used position descriptions in your business and how have they helped or hindered your business?

It would be great to hear from you about position descriptions.

Please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Why Your Business Needs Position Descriptions”

  1. Some good info here. Position descriptions we have found do make a difference to our team. They actually understand what is expected of them. Thanks.

  2. Position descriptions are not always necessarily a good thing. However they certainly do make a difference if done correctly. Just need to be careful that people don’t feel unmotivated by pigeon holing them in a role all the time. It really depends on how they are used and if they are used correctly.

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