It’s not rocket science – it’s just business. (Unless you are Elon Musk and then it is rocket science). However, don’t get distracted by the massive amount of noise online. It is easy to assume you need the latest online subscription to make your business work. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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You need a business system but you don’t need a huge, massive, complex website with an online subscription that includes annual updates and features that line someone else’s pocket.

All you need is the correct information collated in a simple and easy manner that your team can access fast – and importantly can be easily updated.

A Simple Solution MS Word

MS Word is just one way to create a management system fast. After-all, it is about the correct information and easy access to it. Not a whizz-bang new technology system that is impossible to update with duplicated items in 5 different places communicating the wrong information and raft of contradictions. Let’s get real. One place with one method works best.

It’s the only way to go and if you get distracted by online technology complexity trying to sell you something and creating a confusing mess, then your business could tank.

Simplified businesses run better. Complex businesses create headaches for everyone. One rule one place. After-all, why make it harder than it is?

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