How to Center Text Vertically in a Microsoft Word Table without Going Crazy

Creating tables in Microsoft Word and the text won’t center vertically? Here is how you fix it the easy way.

If you use tables in Microsoft Word you will know how frustrating it is to not have your text look great centered vertically in the middle of the cell.

Do you need to center text vertically in a Microsoft Word table without going crazy? Follow these steps and you can fix it fast. Here is how you do it the easy way with pictures.

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Fast Reference Steps

Click the images below as the steps are also on the images for easy reference.

How to Center Text Vertically in a Microsoft Word Table
How to Center Text Vertically in a Microsoft Word Table

More Detailed Steps

This is the process step by step in more detail if you can’t get the above to work.

Step 1:

Insert your table as you normally would. If you have an existing table – select the whole table.

You can do this by positioning your mouse over the table and a small box in the top left hand corner appears. Just click that. See highlighted below.

How to Select the Whole Table

Step 2:

Make sure your line spacing is set to 1.0. You can do this in the Home menu and then click the little box – see highlighted below.

How to Set Line Spacing to 1.0

Make sure your whole table is selected then set the line spacing to 1.0 in that little box mentioned above.

How to Set Line Spacing to 1.0

Step 3:

Also make sure the Normal Style is selected. See highlighted below.

How to Set Styles to Normal

Step 4:

Then you can hover your mouse over the lines of the table and drag the cells up or down.

The text should stay centered all the time. If it doesn’t, also check the properties of the table. See the next step.

How to Adjust Table Cells

Step 5:

Right click on the table and a popup box should appear. Select Table Properties.

How to Set Cells to Vertically Centered

Step 6:

Choose the Cell tab and then choose Vertical alignment to be Center.

How to Set Cells to Vertically Centered

That should fix it. If it doesn’t work for you – leave a comment.

It is frustrating when your text is not perfectly aligned. However the method mentioned above is the fastest and easiest way to fix it without going crazy.

Leave a comment if this helped you. Thanks for visiting.

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