If you run a small business one of the most important aspects is ensuring your business is delivering quality.

This is critical if you want your business to survive. Did you know you can grow your business with minimal marketing by just delivering quality only? In fact, it is the best marketing you can do for your business – under promise and over deliver.

This means producing your product or service to a very high standard and avoid mistakes at all costs. If you do this, your business will spread naturally by word of mouth and you will get repeat customers over and over again.

But BEWARE – as soon as you make a mistake, your loyal Clients are like to abandon you. It’s a tough competitive world, however you can ensure your business is producing the best quality it can by implementing systems to suit.

I have suppliers that work for our small business and occasionally they make mistakes. This immediately has a flow on effect on my time and my business. Yes – it is forgivable however it would be better if they paid attention to detail and got it right instead.

Everyone Makes Mistakes – But Eliminate Them From Your Business and Watch Your Business Grow

Yes – we make mistakes as well, however we also try and ensure mistakes don’t go out the door because if they do – it has repercussions on our small business.

It is important that you do the same things – stop the mistakes from going out the door to ensure your business is delivering the best possible.

Chances are if you make a mistake and your Client is impacted, it is very hard to retain that Client. Usually they will just go elsewhere. Competition is tough and you need to ensure your team is well educated, trained well, proactive and professional.

How do you do this?

  • By implementing Quality Control in your business. Start today and use a Quality Manual Template to build your QMS.
  • Encouraging your team to strive for the best
  • Giving lots of training opportunities for your team
  • Letting your team make mistakes so they learn from their mistakes
  • Building your team organically from the ground up. It takes a lot of time but it works better in the long term.

Build your business methodically and carefully and you will see better results in the long term.

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