Free Drugs and Alcohol Policy
Free Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Free Drug and Alcohol Policy

Don’t risk drugs and alcohol in your small business. It is important to set the benchmarks and standards you expect for your team when considering drugs and alcohol in your business. Further to this, you should enforce these guidelines each time so it is fair for everyone.

The last thing you need are drugs and alcohol destroying your business that provides income and security for all your employees. It’s just not worth the risk. How do you communicate the expectations to your team? Use a policy and educate your team about the rules and expectations in your business.

The Importance of Setting Benchmarks

Free Drug and Alcohol Policy
It’s just not worth the risk

It is important in any business that you have a drug and alcohol policy. Due to the prevalence of drugs and alcohol in society, this policy allows you to communicate to your team the rules of your business.

Creating a comprehensive policy is important for any small business. Prioritizing this particular policy is important.

Under the Influence Creates Huge Risk

The last thing you need in your business is people on drugs or under the influence of alcohol while working. Not only is this dangerous it could potentially explode into a very large issue that you as a small business owner simply does not have time to deal with.

Free Drugs and Alcohol Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy

Small business is already tough so it makes sense to prevent as many issues as you can that potentially will disrupt your business.

The best cure is prevention, so take the time to get your drug and alcohol policy together for your business.

Below we have copied a basic Drug and Alcohol Policy that you can copy and paste if you wish. Save considerable time getting your policies together by using templates.

The basic Free Drug and Alcohol Policy policy is below. Copy and Paste AWAY! Whoo Hoo!

A more detailed version of this policy is available at the following link.

Drug and Alcohol Policy Template.

Free Drug and Alcohol Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy

POLICY: Drugs and Alcohol


To provide a workplace that is safe and free from any form of drug or alcohol abuse. [Company Name] will not tolerate any form of drug or alcohol abuse in its workplace.


[Company Name] expects all employees, visitors or personnel to behave in an appropriate manner that reflects [Company Name]‘s Code of Conduct. [Company Name] will not tolerate any form of drug or alcohol abuse in its workplace. This policy refers to any type of drugs or alcohol – either legal or illegal.

Alcohol and other substance abuse may impair an employee’s ability to perform their duties properly. Excessive alcohol consumption can have serious adverse effects on the health and safety of the individual and others as well as the reputation of the organization.


Drug and Alcohol abuse is defined as using drugs or alcohol to an excessive level. An excessive level is defined as [Definition].


During Work hours
[Company Name] has a ‘zero tolerance’ to drugs and alcohol. Employees are not permitted to work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

During Special Functions and Client Events

Use of Alcohol is permitted at Client functions and special events. [Company Name] name will provide alcohol at these events.

Excessive consumption of alcohol at these events is prohibited. Employees, Managers and Visitors are required to represent the [Company Name] in an acceptable manner and uphold its reputation through their own individual behavior.

Examples of excessive alcohol abuse include:

  • a loss of memory;
  • loss of inhibitions;
  • or a loss of control.

The effects of excessive alcohol abuse can include:

  • Health issues;
  • Loss of license;
  • Loss of relationships;
  • Injury;
  • Death.


Alcohol and drug testing may be implemented on a regular or random drug and alcohol testing program. Employees are required to participate in the testing program. This may include pre-employment drug testing programs.

More Information Regarding Policies

Check out more detailed versions of our policies at the following link. Drug and Alcohol Policy Template.

Remember it is better to try and prevent issues in your small business than have to deal with them after the fact. However, you are likely to have to deal with many issues after they have occurred.

It is a good idea to be as prepared as possible so you are ready should anything happen in your small business.

Free Drug and Alcohol Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy

Good preparation is developing the right policy that can be activated when the event occurs. This provides a road map and a step by step action plan which will help dramatically in what often are stressful and emotional events.

Purchase templates and set up your policies quickly and efficiently.

Speak Your Mind

What about you? Do you currently have a drug and alcohol policy in your business and if so does it actually make any difference?

Have you experienced the impacts of drugs and alcohol on your organization?

Leave a comment below.

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