This is How to Copy Styles Between MS Word Documents.

Copying Styles between MS Word documents is quick and relatively easy.

Quick Summary

  • Open a new document
  • Open Styles Box (SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + S keys)
  • Click Manage Styles button
  • Click Import/Export
  • Close Normal template
  • Open file where you want to copy style from
  • Copy over style

Fast Reference Steps

Step 1: Open Styles Box

Open a blank document in MS Word.

Open the Styles Box – click the little symbol thingy or press the 4 buttons.

See below.

Step 2: Import File

The click the Manage Styles Button.

Then click Import/Export.

See below.

Step 3: Close the Normal Template File

Click the close file button to close the Normal template file.

You will be opening the file you want to copy the style from instead.

Step 4: Open File

Then click the Open File button and browse to the file you want to copy the style from.

Step 5: Copy styles between files

Then you can copy across the styles between your files.

Step 6: Styles Copied Over

The Styles will then appear in the Styles Box.

See below.


Basically all you are doing is opening the file you want to copy the style into and the file you want to copy it from.

Then use the copy over tool to copy between files.

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