Word Procedure Manual Template – Download and Improve Business

A Word Procedure Manual Template will allow you to create your Procedure Manual quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. Procedure Manuals make a huge difference to the performance of your business.

Download this free Word Procedure Manual Template. Click the MS Word logo below.

Word Procedure Manual Template
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By using a Procedure Manual Template and creating and using a Procedure Manual, your team will excel in all they do. For minimal outlay, this type of system document will assist you deliver your product or services to your customers and get them coming back for more.

What is a Word Procedure Manual Template?

Procedure Manual Template Definition

A procedure manual template is a pre-designed document that allows procedure manuals to be created quickly and easily.

It offers a standardised method for creating a procedure manual to record numerous tasks, workflows, and rules, assuring operational consistency and efficiency. This type of template usually contains pre-drafted information that allows the user to save considerable time and effort when creating a procedure manual.

Why You Should Use a Procedure Manual Template

The Benefits of Using a Template

A Procedure Manual Template will save you considerable time when creating a Procedure Manual. These manuals are typically comprehensive and require a lot of detail, instructions and information. Using a template will not only save you time, it will also help by providing a framework to get started, and in the end, likely save a you lot of money.

Procedure Manual Template + 44 Free Templates

Can you really afford to operate your company without a Policy and Procedure Manual? Read more about our Procedure Manual Template here.

Procedure Manual Template
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Procedure Manual Framework and Content

What Should be in a Procedure Manual?

The content of a procedure manual will vary depending on the type of business you operate. However, because a lot of organization are similar in structure, there is likely to be some common areas that can be sourced from a Procedure Manual Template.

The following is a comprehensive list of sections of a Procedure Manual and/or a Procedure Manual Template that form the framework of a typical procedure manual. You can copy and paste this information to use in your own procedure manual if you wish.

Procedure Manual Framework

A procedure manual should include the following key elements:


  • An summary of the manual, its purpose, and how to utilise it is provided in the introduction.

Table of Contents

  • A complete list of the manual’s sections and themes for easy navigation.

Organization Information

  • Information about the company, including its mission, vision, and values.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Roles and responsibilities for various job positions within the organisation are clearly defined.

Policies and Procedures

  • Step-by-step instructions and suggestions are provided for numerous tasks and activities. This can include things like staff behaviour, data security, customer service, and so on.

Workflow Diagrams

  • Visual representations of processes to help employees understand the sequence of tasks.

Safety Procedures

  • Workplace safety protocols, such as emergency procedures, first aid instructions, and evacuation plans.

Quality Standards

  • Information about quality control measures, standards, and product or service expectations.

Training and Development

  • Employee training and development resources, including as training schedules, materials, and evaluation methods.

Forms and Templates

  • Forms, templates, and checklists used in many processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Common questions and answers about methods specified in the manual.


  • Key terminology and acronyms used in the guidebook are defined.

Revision History

  • A record of manual revisions, containing dates and descriptions of modifications.

Contact Information

  • Contact information for particular questions or clarifications about the methods provided in the manual.


  • Resources, publications, or references that supplement the methods outlined in the manual.

The content of a procedure manual should be suited to the organization’s specific needs, ensuring that it covers all necessary processes and guidelines related to the employees’ duties.

The Positive Benefits of a Procedure Manual

The positive benefits of having a procedure manual in your business far out-weigh the negatives.

Green Tick Your team will be aligned in what they are doing daily

Green Tick Your customers will receive more consistent results

Green Tick Efficiency will improve and therefore so will profit

Green Tick You won’t have to repeat yourself as much

Green Tick On-boarding new team members will be much easier

Green Tick Expectations, benchmarks and standards will be set and remembered. No need to try and remember ‘what we did last time’

Green Tick Quality will improve

The Negatives of a Using a Procedure Manual

There are a few negatives when it comes to using systems and procedure manuals. Below are just a few.

Red Cross Team members may push back and not use your system

Red Cross It will be time consuming to create

Red Cross It might take a while to see significant benefits

Red Cross Third party platforms can be expensive

Red Cross If no-one ensures it is used – it won’t get used

Red Cross It will take longer to do things. But this is usually a benefit because things then get done properly.

Procedure Manual vs Policy Manual

Well, we have been talking a lot about procedure manuals. However, let’s take it one step further and talk also about Policy Manuals.

What is the Difference Between a Policy Manual and a Procedure Manual?

What about a Policy Manual? How does a Policy Manual fit in the picture?

A Policy Manual establishes the rules and principles governing the organization, whereas a procedure manual provides explicit instructions on how to apply those policies in day-to-day operations.

The two documents work in tandem, with Policy Manuals offering guidelines and Procedure Manuals explaining how those rules are put into action.


These are two different documents but have similar aims – to educate, teach and show your team what your expectations are as business operator.

Procedure Manual Template and a Policy Manual Template
Procedure Manual Template and a Policy Manual Template

Should You Have Policy Manuals and Procedures Manuals In Your Business?

The short answer is – yes!

You can see from the graphic below as a simple business procedure example of the difference between a procedure and a policy.

Procedure Manual vs Policy Manual
Procedure Manual vs Policy Manual

Policies are usually descriptive and full of text. They outline the ‘rules’ and expectations.

Procedures are usually step by step examples of how to complete a task. Part of a process.

Procedure Manual Template + 44 Free Templates

Can you really afford to operate your company without a Policy and Procedure Manual? Read more about our Procedure Manual Template here.

Procedure Manual Template
44 x Free Templates

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Word Procedure Manual Template?

A procedure manual template is a document used on a repetitive process to create procedures.

Speak Your Mind

So, what other things should you be including in your Procedure Manual?

Leave a comment below with some of the ideas that you have added to your procedure manual.

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  1. Thanks for the free procedure manual template. It is appreciated. It is basic but will get me started on mine.

  2. Procedures make a difference in any system. It is important to make them clear and easy to follow. Depending on the type of business you have they can be paper based or electronic.

  3. We have a bunch of procedures that don’t get update that often. Someone needs to take the time to get these things up to date.

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